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How to Choose a Sofa Style

How to Choose a Sofa Style

A sofa style will really help create a theme in your space. It’s really where you can put in a lot of personality and color. Since it is such an integral piece of interior design you want to make sure that you choose wisely. Here are a few tips on finding the perfect style for you.

You may be a little lost when it comes to what your design direction can be. It’s very confusing and even intimidating to try and pick out a piece that shows off your personality as well as accents your home. You also have to balance this with your budget and the pieces that you already have in your space. An easy way to do this is to just look at what kind of clothing style you have. This will also probably translate into your home d?�cor; whether it’s funky, contemporary, trendy or traditional. By just putting a little thought into what you like it really gives you a specific direction to go in.

Another option for choosing a sofa style is to compliment the architecture of when your home was built. However for older homes you want to make sure that you go for a piece that is still comfortable as well as gorgeous. For instance, you would probably want to go with one of a formal feeling for a colonial house. You’ll want to bring in curved lines and rich upholstery. For a farmhouse then you can experiment with oversized and overstuffed pieces in bright and cheerful fabrics. This helps create the theme in your room and lends cohesion to the space. You can always put your personal stamp on it just by the different colors and patterns that you choose.

If you are still uncertain of which couch to buy then you can really look to the designers. Often times this furniture cost hundreds or thousands of dollars but you can just incorporate what appeals to you. Then you can use this as the inspiration piece when you go shopping. You will want to be aware that there are a parcel of designer tricks that go into taking these photos so your room won’t end up looking exactly like the designer room. You will also need to consider scale to get a sectional or create a custom piece that is appropriate for the size of your room.