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Have You Become A Couch Potato? Get Active Again

Have You Become A Couch Potato? Get Active Again

The term “couch Potato” started in America, and was a reflection of the increasing amount of time the average person was now spending watching television. It may sound like a comical reference or even an affectionate term, but it highlights a huge problem in today’s society. As a generation,we tend to be living a more sedentary lifestyle, and not getting enough exercise. Our lack of activity coupled with a poorer diet has led to increased levels of heart disease and obesity, there has never been a greater need for change.

Have You Turned Into A Couch Potato?

You may be reading this and thinking that it does not apply to you, but how do you know if you have become a couch potato?

If any of the following statements relate to you, then you are well on your way to becoming one: –

Watching television is your main or only pastime, accounting for the majority of your spare time.

You watch television after you finish work until bedtime and put in double shifts at weekends.

You have a very inactive lifestyle and never exercise or walk anywhere.

Do you drive to work, the corner shop and everywhere else?

Do you make excuses for your laziness such as the weather or being tired etc.?

Do you do next to nothing in the house or at all. other than your job?

Do you have a desk job or a role that involves no physical activity, and are still very inactive outside of your job?

If some of the points apply to you or you are starting to see a pattern emerging, then you probably are a bit of a couch potato. Your sedentary lifestyle is putting your health at risk, and being tired should not be used as an excuse for being inactive.

Get Moving – Take The First Steps To An Active Lifestyle

Here is a revelation, body movement creates energy. Sitting around for hours drains you of energy, leaving you lethargic and good for nothing. Recognise that you have a problem and take positive action today. I don’t expect you to go from an inactive lifestyle to training for a marathon, trying to do too much will just lead to failure. Making small changes to your lifestyle will be easier to stick to, eventually becoming good habits and then allowing you to make more changes. Here are a few simple ideas: –

Start walking to work and the local shops.

Turn the TV off for an hour each evening and go and do something active.

Take up a new hobby or take up a physical sport you used to play and enjoy.

Turn down the lift and start taking the stairs.

Go for a walk in your lunch hour.

Take a bike ride or go swimming with the family.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you start doing something. Regular activity will give you bags of energy and make you feel great. You don’t have to live the life of a couch potato, get motivated, get active and get healthy.