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3 Ways To Protect Your Commercial Roof From Storm Damage

In the event of inclement weather, one of your jobs as a business owner is to make sure that your building remains as safe as possible. The roof of your building can accumulate dangerous amounts of snow, ice and water when a severe storm hits, and this buildup can significantly damage your entire building if left unattended. In order to protect your building and keep your business running, take the following tips into account before the next storm attacks your property.

1. Use a Monitoring System

The best way to prepare for incoming snow or ice is to monitor it. A roof load monitoring system is an accurate and effective tool for keeping track of the condition of your commercial roof before and after a storm hits. By using deflection methods, a monitoring system can measure the weight of snow on your roof so that you are prepared to assess the damage during and after the storm. The assistance of roof snow removal plans can also reduce the amount of shoveling you have to do and help to prevent your roof from collapsing.

2. Clean Out Gutters

Another key aspect of protecting your roof from storm damage is maintaining clean gutters. If you fail to clear out your gutters before a severe weather event, you may invite water into them, where it can eventually reach your roof and cause its materials to rot. Keeping your gutters consistently clean is not only a crucial part of maintaining your roof’s appearance, but it is also necessary for preventing water damage during a storm.

3. Trim Branches

Clearing out loose debris such as branches, tree limbs and loose roofing materials can reduce the risk of storm damage to your roof. Be sure to keep branches trimmed and remove any other obtrusive forms of debris before a storm in order to reduce water flow and keep your building safe. Keep an eye on leaves and moss as well, as these items can keep moisture trapped on your roof and increase water damage.