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Bed Canopy Ideas For Any Budget

Bed Canopy Ideas For Any Budget

Bed canopies have been an attractive option in room decor since the lords and noble men of the medieval times! Fortunately, today, you do not need to own a crown to create a dramatic focal point to your bedroom. A lot of people enjoy such canopies because they are available in multiple styles to compliment many decorating plans and budgets. While many furniture stores and online retailers offer canopy beds, if you are like most individuals, you already own a regular bed but have decided you would like the “look” of a canopy. There are several ways to achieve this design without paying hundreds of dollars for a brand new bed!

The simplest to install, and most economical to buy, are pre-made canopies. They are found online at most chain stores such as “Wal-Mart” and “Target”. They are available for $30.00 – $50.00 dollars, in many colors and made with nylon netting. Material is draped around a ring and attaches to your ceiling with a single hook. Spread fabric out around your bed to completely surround it. The canopy may even be cut to desired length with a pair of household scissors!

One of the most popular ideas is to use curtain rods! Hang curtain rods to mirror your frame on the ceiling. Using regular or “tab top” panel curtains, slide onto curtain rods and you have an instant canopy bed! Any fabric attached with decorative rings would also be a wonderful alternative. Tab top curtains and decorative rings add the benefit of being able to easily open and close your canopy for day and night use. This adds functionality and flare!

You may prefer a more modest option. A shelf canopy for just your headboard may suit your needs. The only materials needed would be a wooden shelf, fabric and a staple gun. The shelf should be the same length or longer than the head of your bed. Staple material to the sides and front of the shelf. Using a shelf instead of a curtain rod gives the canopy more “depth”. Mount the shelf high on the wall near the ceiling and let the fabric fall naturally creating the look of curtains over a window at the head of the bed!

Whatever style canopy you prefer, keep in mind that you will be laying in bed looking at the reverse side of the chosen material. Taking this into consideration, you may opt to add a liner to the back or choose a material that is attractive on both sides such as a sheer fabric. Lightweight cloth is the best choice to eliminate the use of heavy wall anchors. Feel free to add embellishments such as fringe, beads, tassels etc., to add a personal touch!