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Couch Bugs – Indeed Your Couch is Another Dwelling Place For Them

Couch Bugs – Indeed Your Couch is Another Dwelling Place For Them

Couch bugs or bed bugs usually prosper in dark and tight places. A couch for one, offers such characteristics. It is frequently used by humans to take rest and these bugs somewhat knows this fact. So they hide in the sofa waiting for the right moment to feed on their victim.

You might be wondering where these bugs came from. It is a great possibility that you got them from someone else’s divan or someone else brought them to your home. These little pests can stick into almost anything especially clothes. There is also a chance that you got them from places where you stayed like in a hotel or even from theaters.

Bed or couch bugs can easily spread all over your house, that is why you must do something about these eerie beings even at their first sign. The most effective way to eliminate them is by extermination which means, killing them all.

Do not listen to others who say to leave your sofa and no to touch nor sit on it for a week or even for 2 weeks. You will only make the matter worst as these eerie pests will just stay there and without food will make them all the more ravenous. So the moment someone sits on the divan accidentally, that person will be the ‘lucky’ prey for the sinister and menacing creatures will feast on the poor individual and will definitely suffer from a lot of red, itchy swellings.

Let me suggest the following. Take the couch outside of your house and dismantle it as much as possible. Choose the washable parts and wash them in hot water. These couch bugs will die starting at 113 degree Fahrenheit. It will be better if you hang the washed parts of the couch under direct sunlight to dry and sanitize them some more. One thing that coach bugs do not like is heat, so use it to your benefit.

Use a vacuum to clean the remaining parts of the couch. You must clean them thoroughly making sure that there are no sofa bugs left in there. You can also use a steam cleaner filled with hot water for added sanitation. If you suppose some other furnishings are infested, do the same process as you did in your sofa.

A time to relax in your couch should really be relaxing before and after your rest. So do not let those pesky couch bugs ruin it!