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A Remodeling Story – Choosing Personally The Accessories For The Bathroom

A Remodeling Story – Choosing Personally The Accessories For The Bathroom

The bathroom I had outside my room didn’t had a shower and one time, we in the family just decided to go for it and expand it. Fortunately, there was enough space outside the door for the expansion of the room. It was a difficult decision, because it would mean some days of hearing and dealing with construction workers outside the room. But it was worth it, so we all said go for it. I checked some accessories for the bathroom and saw that they could look good on the room, so we checked on prices and consulted with the construction guys.

The whole budget for the upgrade wasn’t that expensive. It was an interesting investment because it meant a huge commodity. The difficult part was choosing the tiles. First of all we all agreed on a color, and that was the base of it all. based on that color we chose the accessories for the bathroom matching the color. But the tiles, while also matched the main color in some way, they could have designs and complementary colors, and the possibility combination proved to be almost endless.

I spent many days watching different combinations in magazines. Then after a while I went on looking on the Internet many websites that had many terrific ideas as to what could look good. Finally, after some debating, we decided what would be the design of the tiles. The rest of the accessories for the bathroom would match accordingly, like the shower curtain and the towel.

So the work began. IT took several days to complete the task. The workers had to take off the old furniture and accessories for the bathroom. They were very skillful, they didn’t need to break anything. I really don’t know how they do it, but the know where to hit and where to apply pressure and so on. The knew what they were doing. One of the things that exited me the most was when the shower was installed. It was a new shower that had a great stream and dispersed the water really good. Next the toilet and hand basin were all new and shiny. And the accessories all matched the style perfectly.

The workers did the work really quick, and very good. I was surprised how much a room can change in how little time, but it is true. With the skill enough to do it, anything is possible. It didn’t take that much time. Just a week. Or even less, I don’t remember very well. What I do know is that it was worth it, the whole remodeling of the bathroom, because now I can enjoy a hot shower in the night and I don’t have to go no farther than outside my room. It’s awesome. Every time I go in there I feel like a luxury bathroom. And I know it’s pretty plain compared to some really luxury bathrooms. But it’s mine. I took the time to choose the style and every time I look at it, I know it was designed by me. And that’s priceless.