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Wooden Divan

Wooden Divan

A divan is designed with three seat cushions, the arms are also cushioned and the back is cushioned as well. You can call it a mini sofa, it gives equally the same comfort, except for the fact that it is a three seater and the traditional sofa’s are generally five seater’s. The back of the divan comes in various shapes. Divan is the Indian name of ‘couch’. This is a very traditional piece of furniture.

The back might be flat or square or even heart shape or any other shape depending on the creativity of the artist. But the basic function and the purpose of the back is not lost, by the is designed to support the entire back of a person seated on it. There are elaborate designs on the back as well. Sometimes, the back is given a shape of curved S and cushioning is done only on a part of the back and the other part is just hand carved giving a shape to it. In some pieces, the back is designed with exquisite filigree work atop a series of lathe worked rods. Actually, the entire piece of the wooden divan is a piece of art.

Nowadays, the divans are also available in various modern and contemporary designs, in addition to the traditional ones, which are the favorites of all the times. The designs are quite versatile, they can be used like a normal couch by putting, large pillows at the back or can be used as it couch look of the divan makes it quite inviting.

Divan is not just used for seating purpose. A good three seater divan with large pillows can be used to take an afternoon nap or read a book while lying down. It is light weight, so easier to move from one place to can give a completely new look to the room by just changing the position of your divan.

The wooden divan looks very attractive with exquisite carving of traditional designs and motifs. The complete frame of the divan is beautifully carved.

The divan comes with beautiful upholstery in wide variety of colors and fabrics. You can choose the upholstery depending on the color of your walls. The color of the upholstery highlights wooden frame of the divan.

Divan’s have also gained significance in the furniture market of today and are quite liked by the masses.