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Beautifying Your Windows

Beautifying Your Windows

Window treatments can often be very expensive so it is a good idea to have well in mind what would work best for your windows before deciding on a window treatment. A lot of nice ideas can come from home decorating magazines and combined with the expertise of window treatments professionals, you may well be able to create your own fabulous looking custom windows.

One important thing to keep in mind is that color is a good thing when it comes to window treatments so you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Colorful window treatments combined correctly give a room an exciting character. For the best results, you should combine colors that come from opposite sides of the color wheel.

If you decide that a burst of color on your windows is a little more than you can handle there are some nice ways to play up neutral window treatments. Varying the textures in the neutrals you use, like combining a silky curtain material with a neutral bronze curtain rod or a natural material curtain and a herringbone edge binding, can create a beautiful effect and bring a natural sense of elegance to the room.

You can also play up neutral window treatments with a beautiful area rug. The contrast from floor to ceiling can be stunning. Choose an area rug in a contrasting texture and a complimentary color. The area rug will give balance to the window treatments and keep them from making the room feel too neutral.

Something else that you can take advantage of is the space between two corner windows. If you use curtains or panels in the space in between you can give the impression of one long, continuous window. If your house is of the type where there is no wall space between the windows than a nice option is to use honeycomb shades. These types of shades are good because when you close them the windows look like bold bands of color and there is an unobstructed view of outside when the shades are open; they virtually disappear.

What if you only have small windows in your homes? The right window treatment can give a small window a big impact. One simple way to make a small window look larger is by using light colored panels from floor to ceiling above the window. If the window is narrow using panels that are much wider than the window and holding these panels back with tiebacks draws the eye out and make the window appear wider. Once you’ve created the impression of larger windows you can accent the look with elegant finials and stylish brackets.

Planning out your design for your windows and then carrying it out is a process best done in stages. As mentioned in the outset window treatments are quite expensive so to make all the changes you would like would require a large budget. If your budget is not quite there it is perfectly acceptable to make decorating windows an evolving process. The most important concerns are the privacy the window treatments provide and the amount of light they either let in or keep out so these should take priority in the design process. With this foundation taken care of you can then move on to add finishing details until you have you own fabulous windows.