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What Are Job Site Trailers?

While job sites usually lack storage space, meeting rooms, and administrative tasks, job site trailers offer convenient and flexible solutions to these problems. With mobile offices available for hire, job sites can transform into a productive environment that will enhance the work process. Read on for more information.  You can also look up job site trailers Richmond OH.

320 square feet of office space

Portable office trailers provide a cost-effective solution for project managers or those needing extra workspace. A typical 10′ x 36′ construction trailer offers 320 square feet of office space and features a steel door, vinyl-sided walls and windows, and an insulated rubber roof. The exact locations of doors and windows may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Triumph Construction Office Trailers offer high-quality building materials and can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

When renting an office trailer, consider the size of your project and how much space you will need. Some projects may have size restrictions due to property size constraints. Make sure to check local regulations before renting. You may need a double-wide unit to fit your requirements or multiple shorter single-wide units to add height. If space is an issue, consider renting multiple units and stacking them for added height.

Low VOC panels

Many construction companies are reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Pepper Construction aims to do the same within their job site trailers by incorporating low-VOC/Greenguard Gold-certified acoustical panels, operable windows, and walk-off mats. To help protect the environment, the company also contains recycled materials in its products. Below are a few benefits of using low-VOC panels on job site trailers.

Low consumption lighting

Several key features of a low-consumption trailer contribute to energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The trailer features cement fiber paneling to reduce heat absorption and a thermal barrier comprising 6 inches of rigid insulation and 3 inches of spray foam. The trailer’s interior is finished in whiteboard paint and features cement fiber panels, a full-amenity kitchen, and a full-amenity bathroom. The interior also features double-pane windows, transparent window shades, and a Red List-free furniture package.

When upgrading the lighting in your trailer, make sure to invest in LED lights. These lights will last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and are much easier to replace if one fails. They are also much more remarkable to operate and are less likely to break as easily as traditional incandescent lights. Lastly, purchase quality wiring tools like the Ancor Stainless Steel Wire Cutter Cripper.

Secure locking mechanism

Ensure that your job site trailers are secure by installing a locking mechanism. Theft of a trailer is a nightmare, and you’ll want to be as protected as possible. With a secure locking mechanism, you can avoid this scenario altogether. Products & Services offers Power In-Lock (r) latches for job site trailers, which can help you prevent thievery while keeping your trailer secure.

Another way to ensure your job site trailer’s security is to invest in a mobile alarm system. The Mobilelock is a battery-powered device attached magnetically to a trailer steel beam. It can send an alert if it detects movement, leading to break-in attempts or even complete trailer theft. The Mobilelock works nationwide over a cellular network and is even GPS-enabled so that you can track it anywhere you are.