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Five Steps to Choose a Small Apartment Couch

Five Steps to Choose a Small Apartment Couch

Oh, how I love living in big cities! New York, Miami or Paris are some of the top places where I would like to rent an apartment. Unfortunately, this great experience can be costly, even if we are talking about renting a small apartment. Whether you live in the Big Apple or in a smaller city, you still have to decorate your apartment, and I like to believe that the piece of furniture that gives the style of the house is the couch.

Ok, so let’s choose a couch for your small apartment. Take it like a test of your organizational abilities, because there are many things you need to consider. The good news is that a smaller couch is a cheap couch. Shopping for furniture is fun unless you need to find a comfy couch that fits your apartment door. Given the fact that this will be the centerpiece of the living room, and perhaps the most used, the pressure of choosing the best couch can be high.

Just imagine the following situations: your couch should be comfortable enough for an afternoon sleep or a baseball night with the friends. On the other hand, if you have kids or pets, it must be easy to clean and maintain. I know you have a lot to think of but we’ll do it together. Couch shopping should follow some simple steps:

1. Measurements

You need a measuring tape and a piece of paper. There are two measurements you need for choosing a couch that fits a smaller living: the size (length) of the couch and the width of the door(s). The couch needs to fit the area you have selected, but it also needs to fit the entrance door. In case you have found a perfect couch that doesn’t fit the door, at least make sure there are parts that can be dismantled.

2. The usage level depends on how much the couch will be actually used.

Some prefer to choose a couch that matches with the rest of the furniture while others are more practical and select a comfy couch that fits their lifestyle (to be used by kids, friends, for watching TV).

3. The type of fabric is closely related to the level of usage.

If your couch is used on a daily basis, leather and micro fibers are recommended, due to their resistance and easy maintenance. Natural fibers and cotton look great are less resistant to the wear and tear and spots are more difficult to remove.

4. The structure is another important aspect to consider when buying a new couch.

Choose couches with hardwood structure not pine, for example, which is less resistant in time.

5. Style

Style often seems the first criteria for choosing a comfy couch, but I consider it’s the last, not less important. Try to combine style with functionality; it’s the best option for decorating a small apartment. It doesn’t matter if you choose an expensive, modern couch or a cheap couch with traditional design. The couch expresses your unique style and will represent you for years to come. One last tip: remember to buy a couch that blends with your living and doesn’t dominate the rest of the furniture.