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Unhealthy Effects of Being a Couch Potato

Unhealthy Effects of Being a Couch Potato

As watching long hours of television every day has become more common all around the world, it has raised some serious questions about the healthiness of spending too much time in front of the television. One of the main concerns is about babies who watch television; is there a limit that should be placed on how much they can watch?

It’s been suggested by many experts that babies shouldn’t watch television at all, but many infants are still allowed to watch it. Take a look at the video section in your local chain store and you’ll see lots of videos targeted at babies.

There are already many videos made specifically for babies under two years of age, and the number is growing every year. Parents have realized that babies enjoy watching children, so there is a large market for these products. How much should a baby be allowed to watch before it’s considered unhealthy?

While the amount of time a baby spends watching television is important, we should also consider the type of programming. Cartoons and other shows with no educational value should be avoided. They don’t offer anything intellectually stimulating for babies.

Thankfully, there are many educational videos for babies as well. These programs can teach infants new skills that will benefit them throughout life. Some popular options include programs that teach babies how to read, speak another language, or recognize sign language.

There is no evidence to suggest that good, educational programs have any harm on babies under two years old when their viewing time is kept to a minimum. Many parents have actually seen benefits for their babies by allowing them to watch educational programming.

Even beneficial television shows don’t provide a quality substitute for the interaction between parents and babies. Still, they can be useful when a parent just needs to get a few things done while the baby stays occupied with a television show. It’s really something that a baby can expand his or her mind while the parent takes care of things around the house.

Parents still need to take care not to allow their infants to view too much television. The limit for healthy viewing is at about an hour a day, preferably split up into two thirty-minute sections.

Most of the time when babies experience negative effects from watching television, it’s because they were allowed to watch hours and hours of it every day. As with everything in life, moderation is the key to staying balanced.