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Choosing Kitchen Curtains for the Modern Home

Choosing Kitchen Curtains for the Modern Home

Window treatments are a wonderful way to enhance your home’s d?�cor, but there are many features to consider before purchasing a set or two. Perhaps the most difficult room to fit is the kitchen, as this space in the home may not have a set theme or color scheme. In addition, kitchens are often overcrowded with appliances and gadgets, making it even more important to choose fabric s that are minimal in design.

Kitchen curtains hold many advantages, which is why they are necessary for most people. They keep out nosy neighbors, add privacy while having meals with the family, and even shield out extreme temperatures. Generally, windows in the kitchen tend to be smaller and fewer, which makes dressing them up a tad easier. Yet you still want to choose a design that’s simple and will complement the rest of the d?�cor.

Another aspect to consider is the maintenance of the drapery, as the dining room is one area in the home that is subject to plenty of odors from cooking and baking. Every so often, you’ll want to remove the blinds and give them a quick wash, so be sure to opt for materials that are lightweight and washable. Often times, families find windows in the dining room are always being opened and closed, which is why you’ll also want treatments that are easy to work with. Tie backs can help with this, as the drapes can be opened and closed with ease throughout the day.

If you’re looking for something bold and unique, red gingham curtains may be just what your dining area needs. Gingham is a popular choice, as it’s a printed or dyed fabric that is meant to be woven into stripes. This type of material gives a clean and flawless appearance, once again consistent with the modest look that kitchen windows should have. They may have eyelets on the top, which can then be hung from decorative rings, or the drapes may hang directly from a rod or pole and then covered with a valance.

While one might consider red curtains to be the perfect companion to a rustic country theme, this bold and brilliant color is actually quite fitting for the modern home. With the popularity of stainless steel appliances and dark counter tops, adding crimson colored drapes is the perfect way to bring in color without it being overbearing. Besides gingham, there are plenty of patterns, colors, and stripes to choose from that will make your kitchen curtain ideas come to life.