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The Couch Potato’s Hottest Christmas Gifts Guide

The Couch Potato’s Hottest Christmas Gifts Guide

Is Dad a couch potato? Does he spend countless hours at a time watching television? Is dinner at the dining room table unheard of because he is parked on the couch? If so then this gift guide will indeed help you find the absolute best Christmas gifts for a couch potato.

A Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen

Dad will be in heaven with a universal remote. This is a couch potato, gadget fanatic, and grown up toy all combined in one sweet package. If Dad is not a computer type person, it may be slightly difficulty however if you lend him a hand or if he calls into to tech support, which by the way is said to be outstanding, installation will be flawless. If he is even a basic computer type of person, then installation is as easy as pie.

Massaging Cushion with Heat

Back massagers are indeed a great gift for Dad as he can use it repeated times. Your money will be well spent because he will get great usage out of it. Dad will be totally relaxed and it will help to increase circulation in his back and will massage his shoulders as well.

PlayStation 3

Who made up the rule that Dad’s can’t have fun? I believe there is no such rule because video games are just as good for adults as they are for kids. Sony PlayStation, as you may know is the most popular portable gaming device available on the market. Its functionality will blow Dad away. Not only does it play video games, it is also a Blu-ray player as well. However, it is not just limited to Blu-ray discs, he can play his DVD movies in it as well. The PlayStation 3 also comes with a 160gb hard drive which Dad can use to store music, photos, games, etc.

TV Show Boxed set

Dad the coach potato, undoubtedly loves to watch television. There is probably a show that he just loves to watch over and over and over again or it may be a show he just learned about and would love to see previous seasons or episodes. With a boxed set, he can do just that. Not only will he be able to watch his favorite show, but he will be able to watch them commercial free. From classics to contemporary shows you can find them all in TV box sets.

These are great Christmas gifts that Dad the couch potato will surely enjoy. His couch potato world will reach a higher level with these fabulous suggestions.