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Leather Couch Care

Leather Couch Care

Most homeowners concentrate in keeping their homes clean but they rarely focus on caring for their furniture. Furniture maintenance is easier than most people think and caring for a leather couch is no exemption.

It is important to provide your leather couch the necessary maintenance treatment to keep it looking attractive and functional for the years to come. The different types of leather used in your couch will also be something you have to consider in the couch’s maintenance so you can keep your prized leather couch looking, smelling, and feeling brand new.

Leather couch care products don’t need to be expensive since there are regular household products that can also do the job. These home solutions and remedies are normally found in your household without you knowing that it can actually serve a different purpose. These are some of the home remedies that you can try to keep your couch good looking.

Vaseline – yes, this cheap and almost unnoticed product is actually an excellent conditioning product for your leather couch. You just need to dab a soft cloth into the Vaseline gel and then apply it into your leather sofa in small amounts. The leather should absorb most of the gel but you can also wipe the excess grease using a dry and clean cloth.

Mink Oil – this is one home remedy that most people know and use already for their leather couch and other leather furniture. It is convenient and readily available from any leather shop and the cost is also very friendly.

Lanolin – this natural greasy, yellow substance would also work best for your couch and other leather fixtures.

Shaving cream – instant results can be seen after application of this home product. You just need to put an average amount of the cream to a clean, damp cloth and wok it into a smooth lather and your leather couch will be softer than ever in a matter of minutes.

A mixture of milk salve and glycerin can also be tried as a home remedy solution for your couch. It can cover a lot of area and aside from the fact that it is cheap makes it a practical option for leather sofa care.

If you prefer readily available leather care products and formulas, then you would have a lot of options and brand names to consider and try. These are available in leather stores, hardware stores and sometimes even in a grocery store so buying one would be no hassle for you.

Liquid NIXWAX – this solution is excellent in removing dirt and stubborn stains off your couch. It is also a good solution to soften your chair.

Leather Vital – a product made in Canada and this really has a superb power of softening even the stiffest leather sofa. It penetrates deeply, filling in the cracks and corners and nourishes the leather of your fixture.

Regardless of your choice of leather care solution, always make sure that you apply it in a small and hidden part of the leather couch first and if the results are positive and what you are looking for then apply it to the whole body of the couch.