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Reading, Communication and the Net

Reading, Communication and the Net

How Speech and the Literary World have changed.

The mode of modern living is rushing; many people no longer bother to sit down and enjoy relaxing and reading a book. They might page through a magazine while having to wait at a dentist or doctor’s rooms, or maybe at the hairdressers, but very few actually spend concerted time concentrating on reading books, whether or not either good or bad literature. This is such a pity as there is much interest and knowledge gained from the written word.

The internet seems to have taken over the social lives of many people as a means of communicating. No longer just lifting the receiver and phoning to have a chat, rather hurriedly sending a message by e-mail instead. Invitations now replaced by the laptop, computer, or I-pad to dinner parties, movies, or any other arrangements.

Of course, books are obtainable for reading on-line, but the question is, how many people do read them in full or just glimpse through?

Then there is the question of accurate spelling. In bygone days, time was spent in the classroom having spelling drilled into you and you had to practice and practice until you learned columns of words off by heart, or else! Now, you simply check your spelling on the internet.

Business deals conducted by mobile or on the net; making another personal encounter of meeting in an office obsolete and so another personal communication is gone with the wind, along with a long list of others. Many people now do their grocery orders on the net, saving them the time and energy to personally shop and select. Unfortunately, this also encourages “couch potato’s” as it discourages walking.

However, the internet is a wonderful invention. When the fax machine first came out, we all thought how amazing this was, in a minute documents able to be sent anywhere in the world, truly fantastic. Now, we are so blas?� about the use of the fax, it is as though it was always a part of our daily life.

The same goes for the mobile phone. We managed to live our lives quite adequately before they came out, now, do not move without them on our person or in our handbag, they have become an absolute necessity for programming our daily life.

Then, we have the “tweets”, “twitters” and Facebook. Is it necessary to follow the movements of others? Alternatively, is this an outlet for boredom? To have the time to do this, one must be leading a very shallow existence. Maybe try an alternative, reading; good for the mind and soul!