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Bring The Farmyard Into The Bathroom With A Pig Shower Curtain And Cute Pig Accessories

Bring The Farmyard Into The Bathroom With A Pig Shower Curtain And Cute Pig Accessories

If you love pigs, cows and chickens and other farmyard animals then you cannot go wrong with a farmyard themed bathroom. Maybe you run a farm home stay business or rural bed and breakfast and want to customize your guests’ bathroom with a farmyard theme or simply want to go crazy with cute pig accessories. Start with a shower curtain you love and accessorize as much or as little after that as you want to. There are a number of styles from classic to cute so you are sure to find a design you can fall in love with. We spend a great deal of time in our bathrooms so you want to make it as inviting as possible.

Black and white makes for a very classic look in any room in the house so why not use the farm fresh country shower curtain to continue this theme into your bathroom. Classic black and white spots and stripes are combined with cute cows, pig and a rooster. Novelty phrases accompany each of the pictures such as Bird Bath, Milk Bath and Hog Wash. This country shower curtain has matching hand towels which will complement the overall theme perfectly.

For the ultimate piggy bathroom you must have the cute pig bathroom accessories set. It is excellent value at only $15.99 and features 4 cute pig characters. The toothbrush holder pig has his bottom in the air with 4 holes for toothbrushes. The lotion dispenser is the largest pig sitting upright and a third cute little pig has been cleverly crafted to hold your soap safely on the sink. The tumbler has a relief pig moulded to the outside. All four pigs are ceramic with a fine gloss finish and will be the perfect addition to a farmyard themed bathroom or just a great gift for someone who collects pigs.

The Barnyard animals also features cow and chickens along with the pigs all set in beautifully illustrated rural scenes complete with a bright red tractor. Matching accessories to this range include a bright red tractor shaped bath mat, embroidered towels and a barn to hold your toothbrushes. What piggy bathroom makeover would be complete without a pig shaped hook for the back of the door to hang your bathrobe on or pig ceramic knobs for your cupboards. Pink blinds at the windows or return to the classic black and white stripes or spots if you have had enough of the pink pig look for now. To fully complete the overall look check out the available wall decals for images to enhance your farmyard themed bathroom.