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Order and Training Are the Words – You Can Make a Full Time Income Working at Home!

Order and Training Are the Words – You Can Make a Full Time Income Working at Home!

Life is beautiful, but at times, you are thrown a curve ball impossible to catch.

What was a very well developed work career, was destroyed by a very poor health.

Working online, literally gave me back my life.

My commitment, and my dedication, helped me to achieve an exceptional level of training.

I had, and still have, friends that helped me to streamline my efforts.

Overall, their help, saved me hundreds of dollars, because you would not need to be hunting through the internet in a hit-or-miss fashion trying to piece together all the powerful techniques gathered online.

I consider this experience, the single best thing, available for a beginning internet marketer, regardless of previous business experience.

Actually, you can do it, even if you do not have any related work experience.

I was pulled me out from a very difficult situation.

I explain it to you.

I had a very good work career, and I worked at Microsoft and Boeing.

I worked as a Web Designer, Content Manager, Web Project Manager.

After some years, I had major health problems and I lost my job.

I was thrown out in full despair.

It was something that broke my heart, but I needed the energy to search for what I lost.

In 1998, I moved from Italy, only with a couple of thousands of Dollars, two bags, a lot of enthusiasm and a huge love for a woman… and my dream to have a family.

To me, it was not acceptable, a health problem would kill my dreams.

I decided to keep doing a similar job, than the one I had before.

Then, working for myself, I realized there is really room for everybody, to make a living, working online.

There are a few things you cannot ignore.

The Internet is made by hundreds of millions of pages, videos, and different files.

If you try to approach this, in an unordered way, well, I assure you, nothing is going to come out of it.

In my personal experience, order and prioritization are paramount.

Believe me, things are easier than you think… but only if you walk one step at a time.

The good thing about working for a company, is they tell you what to do and how to do things.

But to work for yourself, it is so much better and so rewarding.

I am blessed, because I worked with so many fantastic colleagues, but, when you are on your own, things are more difficult… not impossible.

It is all up you. If you have a very big self-discipline, and the desire to even create order out of disorder, please do everything on your own, because it is more satisfactory.

You are going see how beautiful is to earn your first dollar… because you would smile, thinking you are on the right track.

If I think about all that happened, after this disaster, this ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Working at home, gave me the chance to spend more time with my family, allow them to have a great and secure income… and everything started to be beautiful again… like a sunny day after a storm. = )