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Choosing a Game Room Sofa

Choosing a Game Room Sofa

There was a time when playing video games meant planting yourself on a comfy sofa for several hours and only getting up for bathroom and kitchen breaks. Back then, it did not matter how close to the television you placed your couch and, since you were probably never going to move your sofa until you moved to a new home, even heavy, bulky sofas worked well in rooms where gaming took place.

Of course, with the introduction of the Kinect for Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and other gaming consoles that actually require getting off the couch and moving around while playing games, all of this changed. Now, in order to get the most from your video game system, you either need a very large game room or a sofa that can be moved around to accommodate one or more players dancing, moving and jumping in front of the television. This requires gamers to put a bit more consideration into their selection of game room furniture.

A sparsely furnished room with game chairs that can be pushed against the wall to create space is one option; however, most people do not have a separate game room in their home and require more multi-functional furniture. Since most gaming takes place in a living room, family room or den, game room furniture needs to serve multiple purposes. While you want something that can be easily moved for games where you are on your feet and moving around, the game room sofa and other furniture must also be able to provide seating for family movie nights, having friends over to watch sports, entertaining relatives and comfortably hanging out.

This means that versatile furnishings that are easy to move are the best option. For this reason, sectional sofas are an ideal choice when shopping for a game room couch. A sectional couch with pieces that can be easily moved by one person and can be arranged for group seating, or easily moved out of the way to create a space for multiple players, makes your game room more versatile, which is particularly important if that room is also your living room.

A game room sofa that also has storage compartments under the cushions can be an especially good choice, allowing you to easily stow video games, extra controllers and accessories out of sight when not in use. This, too, helps to create a multi-purpose room that can be easily transformed to accommodate active family game nights, romantic movie nights or social gatherings.

When choosing a game room sofa, opting for a sectional sofa with pieces that can be easily moved, as well as hidden storage compartments, is the best way to ensure that you have comfortable, versatile seating that everyone in the family can enjoy.