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Moving a Sofa – Its a Dirty Job, But Somebody Has to Do It

Moving a Sofa – Its a Dirty Job, But Somebody Has to Do It

Ask 10 people to help you move a sofa, and you’ll quickly find out who your true friends are. That’s because moving a sofa is hard work. But with the right equipment, and the right knowledge plus a little positive attitude you can move the unmovable clumsy behemoth.

The tools needed for the job are inexpensive and can be purchased at many hardware stores(moving straps, moving blankets, furniture sliders). Although these tools can be purchased at most hardware stores, the one thing that cant be bought at a local Walmart is furniture moving knowledge. As a Knoxville mover who has moved a lot of sofas in my life, knowledge is what I share.

First make sure to take all measurements of doors, hallways, and any tight areas that the sofa will need to pass through. The last thing you want is to be caught in the process of moving a sofa and then discover that it will not fit through a door. This is energy wasted, and the one thing a professional mover needs more than anything is stored energy.

Write these numbers down so you will not forget them. You will also want to measure the dimensions of the sofa (LxWxH). If it is ascertained that your sofa will not fit through your doors or hallways, you may be able to tilt the sofa so that the back of the sofa is facing upward. This will make the sofa narrow, giving you the flexibility you need to squeeze it through.

Now that you know how you will get the sofa through the house/apt, it will need to be padded well to protect the sofa from dust, rips, and debris. As a Knoxville mover I know that moving blankets can be rented from places like Uhaul by the dozens. Wrap the sofa well with moving blankets; blankets can be secured to the sofa by using movers rubber bands or shrink wrap. The sofa is padded well, so the only thing to do now is to lift (carry) the sofa to its predetermined destination.

It will usually take two people to accomplish this job, but if you’re sofa has an attached bed it could take three people to handle the weight. Only carry the sofa when you absolutely must. You can place moving sliders under the feet of the sofa; now you can slide or pull the sofa as far as possible. Once you’re in a position that you have no other choice but to carry your sofa remember to keep the back straight as a board.

You and your moving partner can lift on a three count, but remember to keep the sofa as close as possible to the your body. Keep your movements slow–keep them calculated. When you get your sofa to its destination, lower it. You have just moved your sofa; now you can go move the refrigerator.