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Black Out Curtains Make For Better Naps

Black Out Curtains Make For Better Naps

Most people enjoy opening up the curtains and the windows and allowing the sunshine to come in and brighten up the house. I feel this way about my kitchen, and sometimes my living room. But I’ve worked nights most of my life so I tend to be a night owl. Often times, I’m going to bed shortly before the rest of the world is waking up. This is when I get the most use out of my black out curtains. I can sleep my own hours in a nice dark room.

But, when I’m up in the daytime, I like for some rooms to be well light. I don’t like kitchen black out curtains because I don’t like to feel like I’m stumbling around in there. Don’t misunderstand, I do have a black velvet curtain in there, but it’s not the same thing. That just the color I decided to use for decoration.

Same thing goes for my living room. I don’t use black out curtains in there, but there pretty close. I have a black and white striped curtain in there which hangs proudly from its black curtain rod, and I can leave it open when I want to enjoy the sunshine, and I can close it so that it’s dark enough for me to see my TV, or if I want to take a little nappy-pooh:)

I understand the benefits of allowing some sunshine in now and then. Being in the dark all the time can make you feel a little depressed at times. It’s a good idea to open the house up for a little while everyday. This can elevate the symptoms of seasonal depression and it can boost your mood in general. However, sometimes when I’m on my computer, too much light hurts my eyes. Black out curtains are designed to help you maintain control of how much light enters your home.

In my den, where my computer is, I have a black beaded curtain that works well when I close it. It will do a good job of keeping out most light, even though it doesn’t completely block it out. I like to leave it open most of the time so I can look out the window to give my eyes something different to look at rather than just my computer screen.

If you just want to darken a room a bit and not really block out all the light, you could try a black lace curtain or a black sheer curtain. A black window curtain will set a mood for a room without making it like a dungeon. This can be a good thing if you’re like me and most of your decor is black and blue. I think it looks classy, some might think it looks gaudy.

Before I started using black out curtains, I used to put aluminum foil up in the window of my bedroom. That helped a lot, but it looked bad from the outside. In fact, one day the homeowners association called and asked me if I would remove the foil. I explained that I often slept during the daytime. The lady who called recommended I get a black window curtain, and that’s where I took it a step farther and got the black out curtain to shut out all the light completely in my bedroom. It seemed to work out well for everyone!