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Making A Smart Choice For Your Dogs Bed

Making A Smart Choice For Your Dogs Bed

Dog beds, when placed into dog crates or dog kennels, or on the floor in a certain room of your house is where your dog will call home! Your dog will spend a great deal of time sleeping, relaxing and resting in his bed; therefore the bed should suit your dogs needs.

1. Size – the size needs to be approximately twice the size of your dog.

a. Small dogs like to feel warm and safe; bed bumpers may be a consideration.

b. Large dogs need room to stretch out; consider a flatter type of bed.

2. Location – which room you wish for your dog to occupy most of his time.

a. Room should be big enough for the bed but make your pet feel warm and safe.

b. The bed should fit the style of your room and compliment the color in the room.

3. Health needs of the dog should be considered to pick the type of bed you need.

a. Does your dog have joint or back problems?

b. Consider the age of your dog, does your dog have arthritis?

4. What kind of materials are the inside of the beds made from; foam, feathers etc.

5. What kind of materials are covering the outside of the bed?

a. Small dogs or dogs with shorter hair would be more suited to a dog bed made of warmer materials such as fleece, suede or down filled beds.

b. Long haired dogs might be better suited to cottons or canvas types of materials.

6. Make sure the bed cover can be removed to be washed to ensure the bed will be pest free.

7. Consider the color and style of the outer material. Does it match the room in which your dog will be sleeping.

8. And of course consider the price of the dog bed.

There are all types and styles of dog beds to choose from. There are basic, orthopedic, couch, raised, kennel, and crate styles to choose from. Below are the descriptions of the different types:

* Basic dog beds – are the most common types. They are shaped like the standard size pillows. They are square, round or rectangular in shape.

* Couch – style beds are very comfortable for your pet and provide support for the dog no matter what their age. This bed is usually for the smaller breeds but can be purchased for medium and large-sized dogs. These usually do not come with removable covers.

* Orthopedic beds are also available for older pets with arthritis, or pets that have joint injuries, leg and hip problems. These beds are made of materials used to make human orthopedic beds for support which can make it easier for the dog to go from sitting to standing position.

* Raised beds – are becoming very popular, usually in shelters and dog kennels. They come in different styles and can be used with a pillow or by themselves. These are great for dogs that have a hard time getting up off of the floor.

Sandra King