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How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping on Your Couch

How to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping on Your Couch

My sister has a dog named Chase who used to jump and sleep on her couch. When she decided to get new couches, she knew she had to stop this behavior so he wouldn’t ruin the new couch. She finally got Chase to behave with time and practice. However, if you train a puppy to stop jumping on your couch, you can control this behavior from the start.

Below are some tips to help stop your puppy from jumping up on your couch.

1: The couch is a forbidden area

Don’t ever invite your puppy on the couch even just for a minute as this can send the wrong message. It is equally important to make sure that all family members or friends refrain from inviting your puppy on your couch. If one person allows your puppy on the couch and another doesn’t, it will confuse your pup.

2: Correct your puppy if he jumps on the couch

If you catch your puppy in the act, then correct him or her. Tell your pup ‘no’ or ‘off’ the moment he or she jumps on the couch. Lift your puppy off the couch and place him or her on the floor. Once your puppy is on the floor, reward him or her with a dog toy. Make sure to use the same command each time, so your puppy starts to understand what you mean. Always lift your puppy off the couch, because if he or she jumps off the couch, your puppy can injure himself.

3: Provide comfortable alternatives for your puppy

Offer your puppy good alternatives to sleep and relax. Place cozy dog beds in areas of the house where your puppy might jump on a couch. Show and redirect your puppy the comfy pet bed after correcting his couch-jumping behavior.

4: Reward the good behavior

If your dog goes right to his bed, reward or praise your pup for good behavior. Leave toys on the bed and/or a t-shirt with your smell on it so your puppy feels comfortable and happy on the bed. Place your puppy’s favorite bone near the bed to keep him busy chewing on that while he rests.

5: Make the couch off limits when you are gone

In order to be consistent, it is important that the couch is off limits even when you are not home. If your puppy is crate trained, place him in his crate when you are away. You can also place your puppy in a room that doesn’t have access to a couch, or provide a baby gate around his sleeping area so that your puppy can’t even attempt to jump on the couch. Your puppy has to know that even if you aren’t at home, the couch is always off limits.

With patience, training and consistent behavior on your part, your puppy can learn not to jump on the couch.