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How Good Is the SteamFast SF-275?

How Good Is the SteamFast SF-275?

With one of the largest tank capacities (48 fl oz) in its class, the SteamFast SF-275 uses Steam-on-demand trigger with continuous steam locking switch which adds ease to power and functionality. Excellent for cleaning indoors and outdoors and will easily handle the most difficult cleaning spots while it helps cut dust mites and other allergens. It will cut smoke odor while refreshing the fabric in drapes, cleaning microfiber couches or upholsteries.

Steam clean, mop, and sanitize floors by using floor attachments. Steam control switch and Lighted On/Off switch for convenience and combination of wheels and casters for easy movement. The SteamFast delivers a big punch for such a little foot print as stated by some reviews. There are many small attachments especially designed for the grit around the stove burners, grouting between tiles and all fit within the ‘shell’ of the unit.

Another ‘green’ feature is there is no need for chemicals. This is another major plus given the fact that this environmentally friendly steam cleaner heats up in minutes (approx: 8 min.) and offers a chemical-free way to clean throughout the house. Using pure and natural penetrating steam, the unit removes stubborn stains, dirt, and grime from sinks and tubs.

The SF-275 is a real favorite among its customers. Not only is the above average tank capacity a real-time saver (letting the unit cool to refill the tank) but the exceptional steam pressure and included gadgets at allow you to steam clean anything from small desks, hardwood floors and carpets or cleaning microfiber couches and other fabric covered furniture a make it all the more popular. Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and bathrooms are so much easier. So if you’re looking of a new steamer- this is one you may want to consider.

This steam cleaner earned 4 out of 5 reviews from 85 customers. They frequently noted the SteamMax worked great on gout tiles and other narrow areas, as we’ve mentioned, but was great cleaning shower walls, albeit with a bit of effort for older stains. It works on molding, silk house plants, faucets and fixtures. The customers always mention how quickly the unit reaches operational steam potential (around 170 – 180 degrees), a tank to hold water (many suggest using distilled water) for up to an hour in some reports and reaches hard to places.

The fact that you don’t need chemicals to clean and sanitize your living areas certainly makes it quite popular. You may need 409 or fantastic here and there but the fact this little ‘green’ steamer packs quite a punch for its size given it is a 1500 watt cleaner. Even BBQ grills are no match it seems. I’d have to say, all-in-all, it is certainly an affordable favorite from customers.