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Hold Up Your Family Traditions on Amish Tables

Hold Up Your Family Traditions on Amish Tables

You have been standing over a hot stove for the last 7 hours, basting the turkey, stirring pans full of potatoes, vegetables, gravy. The smells of the feast to be permeate the house, filling every corner with a promise of the celebratory meal to come. You’re a little tired, and could really use a nice strong cup of coffee, but everyone is so busy talking or playing football outdoors with the kids that you couldn’t grab anyone’s attention if you were to catch fire where you stand.

You look around your kitchen counter, overflowing with mixing bowls, spoons, recipe books and remnants of the ingredients now becoming food in the pots and pans.

You look outside to see you youngest son fall in his good sweater into a wet pile of leaves as he jumps to catch a football. You hear the ruckus coming from the living room and you stop for just a moment and smile.

You call to your youngest daughter to come help with the hors d’oeuvres. She carries a tray out to the living room and places it on one of the many Amish tables you have fixed around the room for just this purpose.

Time for Dinner

The appetizers are gone, and the family is beginning to assemble in the dining room. The long cherry table gleams under the lace table cover, creating a vision for the people seating them around its lengths. Of all you Amish tables, this is your favorite. The memories that have been made over the last two generations that it has been a part of your family are treasures that nothing could replace.

The night is winding down, and some family members have gone to the sofa or couches to nap. You and your sister sit in your high backed chairs sipping tea and comparing notes about your kids. You are surrounded by a set of Amish tables that belonged to your grandmother, and you set your cup on one. The day is ended, but you know you’ll smile on it for years to come.