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How a Vehicle Bump Gate Opener can Simplify Your Farming and Ranching Tasks

It is surprising how technological advancements in farming and ranching do not always revolve around machines and electronic devices. The well-designed bump gate system is one way you can eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy to get your daily required activities done.

How much time to do spend dealing with livestock gates?

The day of a farmer or rancher can last hours before sunrise and well beyond sunset. It seems work is never completely finished. The simple task of going out into pastures to check on your livestock, feed, or work on fence require completely stopping the vehicle, climbing out, opening the gate, driving through, and then stopping once again to close the gate behind. Added up over the course of a day, it is a time-consuming task.

Easy Operation Bump Gate Open and Closure

You can enjoy a completely mechanical bump gate device that works every time you need to move a vehicle through areas fenced off and gated for livestock. It requires no energy source or electricity to work.

How a Bump Gate Works

Once the bump gate system is attached all you have to do is slowly edge your vehicle into the provided cushion pad and the gate will slowly open as you move forward. The tension on the device will allow the gate to slowly close as soon as your vehicle passes through.

How Difficult Is Installation?

Most farm gate automatic opener systems like the one made by Bump n’ Drive can install within a half-day. You can enjoy more time to get work done by a small investment in time to get your bump gate system operational.

Will Livestock Remain Secure?

Most livestock animals are unable to figure out how the bump gate system works. It is still possible that they find another weak area of your gate to escape, but to this date, none have proven the ability to operate the bump gate system for an exit. You can feel confident that your livestock remains secure within the enclosed areas.

A bump gate automatic opener for farm and ranch gates is a pleasant way to remove one repetitive daily chore off your list. Get the easier access to livestock enclosures you have been wanting and add more time to each day.