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Great Real Estate Marketing Tips for Selling a Property

By: Simon Doggett

Whether you happen to be a homeowner or real estate agent, when putting up a property for sale usually your goal is to sell it for as much money in the least amount of time possible with minimal hassles.

A majority of the time both sellers and real estate agents must work together as a team in order to make the sale. Covering all the bases is one of the best ways of getting a house sold.

In the following list, we will provide you with all of the steps you need to take in order to ensure that your real estate transaction is successful. If you follow all of the advice that we are going to outline, you will increase the chances significantly that you will be sitting at the closing table in a short period of time.

Price the house properly

Thi is by far the most critical marketing tip for selling a house. If the home is not priced correctly, then the rest of the tips will just go to waste. The right agent and price go together. The best agent knows what to price homes at.

Interview several estate agents

It is critical to choose the right real estate agent. It can be easy to select a bad agent by mistake. Take the selection process seriously.

Determine how the agent markets properties

Make sure that you get a clear understanding of how your house will be marketed offline and online. Carefully look at what they are doing currently for their other clients. Most estate agents outsource property marketing to renowned property marketing experts like Floorplanz. This is ideal as they would know the latest technologies to enhance marketing.

Make sure that the estate agent has a professional website

This is very important in the digital age that we are in. The website should showcase the agent’s listings and be well designed.

Find out what the track record is for the estate agent

How many of the houses that are listed does the agent actually sell? What is the sales price to list price ratio? How many days on average do their listed houses stay on the market?

Get references

Get the experiences of other individuals who have worked with the prospective Realtor that you are interviewing. Be sure that the references you get are not all hand selected.

Check out the agent’s listing descriptions

See how the Realtor describes the houses they are marketing. Are they well done?

Make sure they use exceptional photography

The photos of a home are one of the most critical aspects of marketing. Having great photography is one of the most critical marketing tips to get your home sold.

Offer a video tour

Is video used by the Realtor to showcase their houses? Video has emerged as a critical marketing tool when it comes to selling properties.

Utilise a slideshow presentation – This is an inexpensive marketing method to promote your house when you can’t afford to pay for an expensive video.

Utilise a drone

Right now drones are trendy. Drone photography can be used to show off your neighbourhood or lot!

Utilise social media

When a real estate agent really knows how to use social media to market homes can make a huge difference in their marketing efforts. Social media has extensive reach since most people often use their smartphones to be one of the main social channels.

Have an outstanding brochure created

Whenever you are trying to sell a house, you should definitely have outstanding marketing material. Get rid of any Realtor whose marketing materials only consist of multiple listing sheets in black and white. Great agents offer colour brochures that are printed on a good quality stock.

Make use of professional mailings

If you send out list listed postcards in can reach an audience that may help you sell your house. Printing marketing definitely isn’t dead. Postcards can really be a very effective marketing tool in real estate to help spread the word.

Take time to review these home selling tips again. Follow all of the advice and your house will sell in no time!