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Decorating With Leather and Keeping It Light

Decorating With Leather and Keeping It Light

Leather is commonly viewed as a manly accessory, used mostly for decorating a man-cave or a room that will be themed for guys. However, leather is a very refined and sophisticated fabric, and can also be used in any room that you want to decorate in a stylish and comfortable fashion without losing any beauty. Decorating with leather and keeping it light is the key to utilizing leather in any room, without feeling overwhelmed in masculinity or the darkness of the fabric.

While there are dozens of ways that you can keep the leather without losing the charm, here are just a few simple tips that can really help you get the look you want. You can pick one and stick with it or combine more than one to create a one-of-a-kind look in your home.

Idea #1: Use light-colored leather to soften the look without losing leather’s other charms and appeals. Most retailers offer a variety of leather colors, from the classic, rich mahogany that we love to deep blacks. Lighter colors, like caramels or traditional white, are becoming more popular as homeowners realize that they can have the comfort and refinement of leather without making the room feel oppressive.

Idea #2: Decorate with leather accents, but do not choose leather furniture. You can cover throw pillows in leather, use a leather door insert, or add leather accessories to bring in the beauty of leather without weighing the room down. Keep it light by adding touches of leather here and there, and make sure that the colors and shades work well together without all being exactly the same for a rich and multilayered effect.

Idea #3: Work the room around one leather focal point, such as a great leather couch. Decorate the room with neutral paint and lots of white accessories or natural lighting, and add the leather couch as a focal point in the room. Attention is directed toward the fabulous couch, no matter how dark the fabric is, without making the room feel like it is entirely covered in leather.

Idea #4: Mirrors lighten up a room if you already have a lot of leather. Not everyone wants neutral walls or white accessories. Mirrors in various shapes and sizes make beautiful accessories and help maximize the natural lighting’s potential in a particular room. This is very helpful if the room has minimal natural lighting or if the decor and color motif is deep and dark.

Idea #5: Contrasts are a perfect way to keep it light and still accomplish your dream of decorating with leather. Stark contrasts are an ultra-modern and contemporary d?�cor option, and it is a great way to direct attention away from the amount or color of the leather in the room. Black and white are an excellent example, but you can use just about any great color contrast to achieve this goal. To break up the monochromatic feel of black and white, add accessories in various colors, from reds to greens and even purples, to keep things light.