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Create Attractive Windows Using Double Curtain Rods

Create Attractive Windows Using Double Curtain Rods

Some creative homeowners like to experiment with designing their interior spaces. Parts of the home where creativity often shows up are the main windows. Windows can be dressed up using curtains made from various types of fabric.

One of the ways you can combine two different curtains is to install double curtain rods. This will allow you to mix and match and make your window more attractive. This can even be a do it yourself project that can take as short as 15 minutes for an experienced person or less than an hour for a not so skilled homeowner. What’s important is you have your necessary accessories and tools ready.

You will need two rods but only a pair of brackets or support that can hold the poles. The brackets for this type of project have two mounting spaces about two inches apart.

If you’re replacing your existing bracket for a single rod, you will have to remove them first. Then just replace with the new double rod bracket.

If you’re installing new curtain rods, make sure to get the measurement of the area where you’ll place the brackets and mark them with a pencil. Curtain rods should ideally extend about two inches from the main window frame and installed about four inches higher than the topmost part of the window.

Don’t forget to mark the areas where the screws will go to secure the brackets. Mark with a pencil.

Next, drill holes for the screws. Remember to screw the drywall screw holders first if you won’t be putting the screws into the wall’s studs. Doing this will secure your brackets in their place as they carry the weight of your curtains. You have to ensure that the rod supports are fastened well especially if you’re planning to use draperies made from thick fabrics.

Once the brackets are in place, you can just easily place your rods over them. Check for level using a level placed on top of the rod.

When you’re sure the rods are straight, you can start hanging your curtains by inserting the rod into the pockets and then hang the rod over the brackets. Do the same for the second pole. The rod nearest the wall should be put in place first and the one situated on the front should follow next.

Using double rods is best for achieving a unique effect on your windows. You can combine a light and see-through fabric as well as a thick curtain using the two poles. Hang the see-through one nearest the wall and the thicker fabric on the front part. During the day, you can open the front curtains in the center and move them to the sides to show the inner curtain. If there’s much sunlight, you can leave the see-through curtain as is to lessen the heat inside your home and then close the front curtains again at night.

Use your creativity when decorating your windows. For a unique look, use the double curtain rods and enjoy mixing and matching fabrics that reflect your personality.