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Cleaning Your Leather Sofa

Cleaning Your Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is a luxurious piece of furniture that makes any office or bedroom a charming and warm place to be. However, if you consider the amount of time that you spend on your own sofa, it is a normal for it to get dirty and stained from time to time. It is thus important to know how to clean your sofas – or, if you are buying a used leather sofa – how to bring it back to life and stop it from being dreary, dirty, drab and unkempt.

Underneath the cushions of your leather sofa is usually a veritable army of breadcrumbs, coins, television remotes and a range of stationary, but all of these kinds of things are only the least of your worries when it comes to dirty leather sofas. Stains that are left for a prolonged period of time have a nasty habit of damaging the delicate nature of leather, so it is important to keep them clean and looking as shiny and beautiful as if they were brand new. You don’t want to have to pay for expensive repairs, or in worse case scenario, buy an entirely new sofa!

Most kinds of grime can be cleaned off a leather sofa quite easily by rinsing a soft, damp rag in some cleaning product, before wiping on the leather. It’s important that the cleaning product that you use is non-caustic, so that it doesn’t damage the leather, but in some cases it is hard to know whether it will be damaging to the leather. To combat this, use some of the product on a hidden spot of leather, to see if it has a deleterious effect on the leather. You never know if a ‘leather friendly’ cleaner is as friendly as you need it to be; your leather sofa is a priceless piece of furniture! A caustic cleaning product will often damage your sofas by changing the color and texture of the leather.

You can also vacuum underneath the cushions of your leather sofas to get rid of unwanted fluff and detritus that accumulates over time and lowers the quality of the sofa. Having a clean sofa will ensure that it lasts the test of time. This is important as leather is a material that generally ages well with time; this is to say that an old sofa has a richness in color and texture that cannot be bought or manufactured, and for some, it is a timeless piece of furniture. Making sure that you maintain your own sofa is essential in having it last for years to come!