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Your Grandma Had the Right Idea – Protect Your Furniture With Couch Covers

Your Grandma Had the Right Idea – Protect Your Furniture With Couch Covers

The purchase of a new sofa, couch or loveseat combination is a major investment for most of us. We want to take every step we can to make sure that our new furniture lasts for many years. You can provide years of life for your furniture by simply considering your Grandma’s advice and covering some of your pieces

There is more variety available in couch cover fabrics, materials and patterns than one can easily imagine. If you want your loveseat or sofa or even wing-back chair to have the look of velvet upholstery, you can simply buy velvet-like couch covers and presto, you have the look. Conversely in the spring and summer you might want to venture into lighter fabrics and brighter colors to provide seasonal changes in the look of your furnishings while protecting your new investment as well.

You probably bought your new sofa or loveseat primarily because of the fabric, the color, pattern and its feel. You may hate the thought of covering it up, so consider what your Grandma did and investigate the good old-fashioned plastic couch cover. These covers, while not extremely comfortable, can really extend the life of furniture that is not used for daily living, like that in a little-used living or dining room. When company arrives, take the covers off and your sofas are fresh and clean.

In the past, those who have a sectional sofa were hard-pressed when it came to finding slipcovers that would fit properly. Now that sectionals have grown in popularity, covers are being are being made for these types of furniture as well. You can find these in hundreds of patterns and colors and you can even order the plastic covers for sectionals too.

If you want to keep your furniture looking new, one of the best ways to do that is to invest in furniture covers that will keep them protected. You can find many patterns, materials and sizes that will give you some décor diversity, while still protecting your major furniture investment.