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When is It Time for a Plumbing Re-Pipe?

Professional plumbers provide many types of services for residential customers. You can depend on experienced help in changing water heaters, fixing leaks, and sewer cleaning Spring TX. One of the duties they perform is complete re-pipe of a home. Below are a few ways to tell when you need to consider a re-pipe.

Repairing Leaks Has Become a Frequent Activity

If you spend more and more time replacing busted pipes, fixing leaky faucets, and worn connections, it might be time to consider changing the entire pipe network. Overall, the cost will be cheaper than having to spend the money over time in repairs.

The Plumbing is Aging

Plumbing will begin to lose dependability as it ages. You will find that your maintenance costs begin to increase after 30 years. It is good to re-pipe the home if it is reaching a mature age. A qualified plumber can inspect the pipes and give you a better idea as to expected lifespan.

You Suspect the Presence of Lead Pipes

The installation of lead pipes was popular from the 1920’s to mid-1940’s. It had a terrible impact on the health of people, especially children. Lead poisoning cases brought about a complete ban on lead pipes and soldering for water sources in 1986. You should have a re-pipe done if you suspect you have lead pipes in your home.

You Want to Upgrade to Another Material

Most water pipes for homes are made of galvanized steel, copper, or PEX plastic. Many people opt to switch to PEX due to the ability to avoid pipe freeze during cold snaps. Changing to a different water pipe material is a common reason for re-piping.

The best plumbing maintenance and care in the world cannot extend the life when it degrades due to age or poor materials. Re-pipe services by a professional plumber might be the solution you need.