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Unequally Yoked

Unequally Yoked

The greatest book ever written talks of unequally yoked marriages. Unbalanced relationships griped within the confines of a legal binding document. Clash of personalities, likes, dislikes, religion, parental control and so much more.

I have pondered for years, is this scale balanced or unbalanced. Negatives and positives, Yen,s and Yang,s, brilliant and not so bright, absolutely gorgeous and awfully ugly. This my dear readers is pure balance, proven with the human equation that opposites attract.

We know through experience and plain observance that these unions should, given all the evidence, not flourish. Yet we go forth into the known and commit our undying love, faithfulness, forever truthfulness to someone opposite to us for all eternity. Where is the logic, to condemn ourselves to live under a heavy burden of constant conflict.

It lies in the nurturing of the “gene pool”, this gives us no control, the blame is on those little buggers. Conjure up an image of the late great Elvis Presley having married a female Elvis rocker. The offspring most probably would have been his Dad,s perfect impressionist, but would suffer from an Elvis overload. What about a science legend, Albert Einstein marrying Marie Curie, in all probability their collaboration would have produced a genius of note, but only because their sciences were “relatively” opposite.

We must become mathematical in our relationships, one and one equals a good even two. Sport verses Sewing, nice balance, sloppy verses tidy, most common difference and just has to be tolerated. A computer/couch potato verses diligent article writer, very good gives each other space. A sleazy two timer verses a pious, faithful one, no, no, not good at all, because the sleazy one will think they have stumbled on the perfect balanced partner, and thereby leave the perfect unbalanced partner alone at home. One has to be very logical in understanding the illogical parameters that bind us together.

The proof is in the pudding, just look at our creative results. Is he not perfect, he has my eyes and not being too boastful, my intelligence, just a pity he had to copy your ears. Well dear, ears can be fixed, but not ingrained conceit. I should have married Johnnie next door, he was so stupid, therefore I would had the upper hand in proclaiming my child’s intelligence and the ears could still be altered.

Science is leading us into the realm of “pick and choose”. I choose for my son, the looks of Brad Pitt, the music abilities of Jimmy Page, but pick a scientific mentality with a touch of theology. Just before you put through the order, might I add to the concoction a bit of female intuition with a dash of loads of male testosterone.

Wow! just look, that’s my boy, the one in that sci-fi movie, wearing a pink satin outfit, riding a rodeo bull, while playing the guitar and reciting the scriptures about unequally yoked parents.