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Tips on Creating Short Term Housing During Travel

Tips on Creating Short Term Housing During Travel

Current statistics reveal that at least 20 percent of American families relocate every year and you will be surprised to learn that there are at least millions each year who need temporary housing for day and even months together. However, setting up short term housing certainly proves difficult as most of the dwellings require a lengthy lease and may not involve all the utilities. Through the internet, weary travelers can find people who are willing to accommodate.

Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is also referred to as ‘Crashing’ and indicates the act of sleeping on couches or extra spaces in the dwellings of good Samaritans and CouchSurfing is a nonprofit project which has a central location and this allows people from all over the world to connect with travelers and this way tourists can also get a glimpse of the local culture. Although Couch surfing involves staying at the house of a stranger, yet it is considered to be a safe approach. Both the travelers and guests receive ratings after their couch surfing experience. However, the key fact is to always remain alert and to take up a self-defense course, keep your personal information private and also leave in case of any situation in which you feel threatened.


Although the system sounds quite old-fashioned, but when you are traveling to foreign locations your skills can be easily traded for food and shelter. Native English speakers are in great demand and schools would certainly like to host you if you oblige to offer free classes. Other skills which are in demand all over the globe are cooking and website design.

Local Colleges

There are information and links provided for temporary housing in college websites which certainly proves to be beneficial. These are provided not only for temporary listings but also for regular apartments with a vacancy which is available for short-term commitments and sometimes they maybe offered with all the vital facilities as well. As part of your search process, you can also post a housing wanted ad in the classifieds of the areas which you plan to visit.

Extended Stays

If you require short term housing facilities for more than two to three months, then you can certainly consider the possibility of an extended stay hotel option. When you go in for this type of housing facility it certainly includes furnished room and amenities such as the kitchen and laundry facilities. This option is certainly economical than the regular hotels but even in regular hotels you will receive discount for booking a stay for several weeks together.