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The Smartest Ways to Compare Moving Prices in Austin, TX

Have no shame in your moving game! Relocating your home or office can be a stressful and costly business, and you have to play it smart to save both time and nerves. Of course, you want to save money too. Here is some advice on how to weigh your options more cleverly.

Get quotes from companies and compare them

The first and easiest way to compare moving prices is to compare the estimates you get from moving companies in the area. Make sure the quotes you get are accurate: never accept an estimate given over the phone, email, or anything of the sort. Those can never be precise enough.

Instead, have the movers whose services you are interested in come over to your home or office. Considering that this is Austin-based moving we are talking about, if they try to squirm out of it – move on. They are likely illegitimate. You can visit sites like Because I’m Cheap to know more about comparing prices and services.

Let them do a survey on the spot; show them everything that will need to be relocated: furniture, cutlery, office supplies, electronics, kitchen utilities, and so on. Pay special attention to your valuables such as antique furniture pieces, art collectibles or music instruments.

The weight and sensitivity of each item will be a factor in the final price. Also keep in mind that the most critical part of any move is transportation. That means more than driving items from point A to point B.

When movers come by for an in-house estimate, they will pay close attention to things like long stairways, small doorways (the resident evil of any relocation), narrow hallways or narrow stairs, and the operability condition and weight capacity of your elevator (provided you even have one). Click here to learn about some additional expenses that you will want to factor in.

Pay attention to moving companies’ rates

Obviously, when you look at a moving quote, the first thing you will register will be the price. Different companies will present you with different costs, and it is natural to lean towards the cheaper option, but make sure you understand how you wound up with that number at the bottom of the page.

If you are moving locally, the price will typically be determined on an hourly basis. In other words, the longer it takes these guys to move your stuff, the more it will cost you. Obviously, you do not want them to drag it out and squeeze your wallet but be careful of companies who promise you a lightning-flash-quick service.

Moving takes time. Unrealistic estimates are another red flag for scammers: they save time by damaging, misplacing, or outright stealing your property. To avoid these illegal leeches, here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau:

If you are moving over a long distance, such as into a different state, the moving price will typically be fixed. It will depend on the specific moving distance, the total weight of everything that needs to be relocated, whether there will be more than one round trip, whether you asked for additional services (like packing or temporary storage), and so on.

Do a side-by-side of companies’ services

An estimate will always include some extra services offered by the moving company, so take a close look at those. You want to get the best price-to-service ratio that you can, so what you actually get for your money matters more than the bare cost.

These additional services might be your own request, or the movers might have judged that they are necessary for a successful relocation.

The most common ones include packing/ unpacking, temporary storage, custom crating, disassembling/ reassembling large furniture, and the infamous “hoisting”: moving massive property (e.g. a piano) through a window or over a balcony. This all might seem awfully stingy and nitpicky, but it will help you avoid regrets.

Being cheap is a good thing: it means you know how to get your money’s worth and how to avoid frauds. Think about it like thrift shopping: the idea is to find the best stuff at the most budget-friendly price.