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The Importance of Drain Cleaning Regularly

To me, it seems I only have plumbing issues when I’ve already had a full day of craziness. The last time I had a plumbing issue it was a clogged toilet. Of course, I found it when I got home so there was no way I was placing an after-hours emergency call and pay a fortune. The good news is I have a second toilet, so I was able to make the service call during the next business day. Plumbers can be lifesavers in our time of need. I was lucky it was just one toilet this time because there are other areas where a drain problem can arise. A few places where we can often need drain cleaning include our kitchen sink drains, shower and tub drains, and toilets.

Kitchen Sink Drains

One time my kitchen sink drain backed up. I couldn’t use my sink and I don’t have a garbage disposal, so I know I didn’t toss any food in there. My sink just would not drain. Sometimes you get a clog. It happens, and it helps to know a plumber, but if you don’t, try to keep a number handy so you can call one in the event of an emergency. Not having a garbage disposal eliminated a step in my repair. Apparently, there was some type of buildup in there. When I need help with my drains I search drain cleaning Minneapolis MN.

Bathroom Shower and Tub Drains

At least once a year I get a clog in my shower drain. There are only a few things going down my shower drain and that’s water, soap, and possibly hair. I usually wash my hair in the kitchen, but occasionally I rinse it in the shower. I can’t believe that tiny bit of activity can cause a clog, but I’m guessing it’s mostly soap scum. I also understand that hair buildup can happen over time with just body hair and not only washing your hair in the shower. If I’m honest, I only tend to this drain on an as-needed basis.

Bathroom Toilets

My toilets are extremely sensitive. I need to ask my plumber next time if there’s something we can do about that. Any large amounts of waste or more than a few swatches of toilet paper and it just can’t be flushed. Maybe I need a commercial toilet in my home. When you live in a house something you have to think about also is the age of the drain system. Certain things that may claim to be flushable today are modern day flushable. They really can’t be flushed using an antique drain system. With toilets, you want to be careful. You don’t want to have your toilet pulled because that can be expensive. Try to keep your backups at plunger level to save a few dollars.


A preventative method would be to have your drains cleaned every now and then. Place them on a schedule so that they stay functional throughout the year. It is much cheaper to do preventative maintenance than it is to do an emergency repair. Consider starting a drain cleaning schedule for your kitchen sink, shower and tub drain, and your toilet. Get with your plumber to show you some general do it yourself maintenance after he finishes the initial cleaning. That way if you don’t have the money right now for the schedule you can learn and try to be preventative on your own.