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The Couch Potato Work Out

The Couch Potato Work Out

So let’s face it, some of us are lazy. Some of us are lazy all the time and some of us work so hard we feel like we deserve a lazy day. Promising ourselves that we’re going to the gym after our duties at home are done sometimes become unrealistic…especially when that new episode of your favorite show that everyone has been waiting all season for is coming on in a few minutes. All is not lost, there are some simple at home work out tips that can be done right in your living room so you don’t miss a second of that season finale.

Opening credits/Warm up:

March in place for 5 minutes increasing speed at every 60 second mark. If you get board quickly add in grapevines, hip high front kicks, side steps and knee raises. Get creative and add in arm movements like bicep curls or overhead raises. It’s your lazy day work out so make it what you want.

The Plot thickens/Time for cardio and toning:

Move on to squats holding a 5-10 pound weight, or go heavier depending on your fitness level. Next move onto front, side and back lunge combinations – one of each on the right side, then one of each on the left side. Next move onto planks, hold for 10 seconds do a push up and release. Complete three sets of 15-25 of each movement. Next go ab crazy, crunches, reverse trunk curls, Turkish get ups and Russian twists – all of these movements can be done while watching the television and are pretty quiet so that you won’t miss a moment of the drama.

The Finale/Cool down:

Complete this lazy day work out with calming stretches and deep breathing. Bring down the pace by marching in place again for 2-3 minutes. Run through a series of your favorite stretches and take your time here, there is no rush, no one waiting to use the stair climber only you and your personal goals. Remember to get your quads, calves, gluteus and back.

This work out is totally up to you; the intensity and combination of movements are for you to decide. Don’t let your mind drift too far off into the show your watching, think about each muscle you’re using and don’t stop moving! If you stay focused, by the time your show has ended you will have completed a 30-60 minute work out on what could have been a lazy day.