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The classic Portuguese Tile versus the Moroccan tiles

In the modern world, most floors are finished with tiles. There are many choices and options out there, and the Portuguese and Moroccan tiles are among the most popular. So, what is unique in these tiles and should you really install them in your home? Let’s begin by having a look at the Portuguese tiles.

The Portuguese tiles:

These are inspired by Portuguese traditional styles which have been in existence for many decades. The decorative ceramic tile will give your kitchen bathroom, living room, walk way or other place a superior look and feel. It is painted by hand to produce very beautiful patterns on white bisque. Glossy over-glaze is used to finish it. They also feature crazing which adds uniqueness and character to each of these tiles.

Every design is painted by hand and includes accent dots, large decorative tiles, corners and borders. In this line there are vibrant colours which look very lovely especially when paired with cobalt blue tile, deep greens and natural stone. In each pattern there are various options offered so you need to check and choose what suits your needs.

The Moroccan tiles:

Morocco has managed to develop distinctively designed tiles such that the term Moroccan tiles is a respected brand name all over the world. The unique feature in these tiles is the mosaic tiling, which is a cultural practice in Morocco. The mosaic tiling is know the world all over for sunning and intricate art works and tile designs.

Most of the cement tiles developed nowadays are actually recreated with beautiful designs which have their origins in Morocco. These decorative tiles feature unique appearance and is widely influenced by Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and African traditional designs. The source of these tiles is important and you should ensure you acquire them from original location.

The choices and options:

Modern Moroccan tiles combine Mediterranean bold colours, delicate hand draws, luxury metallic and exquisite finish. They are highly decorative pieces that will definitely transform any place whether interior or exterior into spectacular place. The options available in terms of designs include ornamental designs, glass mosaics, and Arabian delights. There are some online dealers who allow you to custom design if you really want something completely unique from any of the patterns available at the moment.

So, which is better?

It cannot be disputed that Moroccan and Portuguese tiles are big names in the building industry. Each has intricate design and styles that you will love as the owner of a home refurbished with either of the tiles.