The Art of Mastering Blogging

Blogging Should Be Fun and Not an Obligation

One of the best things that happened on the internet is the introduction of blogging as a form for people to reach out to others regardless of the kind of life they lead. There are dozens of blogging sites out there and the best blogging platform can give these bloggers their space on the internet to talk about the things they are passionate about.

It has always been a pitfall for those who are just starting out to think that audience is always the end in mind when blogging. While this may be true, there’s more to blogging than just raking in visitors. It is exhilarating to open the dashboard and see that someone has left a comment or that the visitor counter continues to go up. However, there are days that we feel that we are not entertaining enough that we don’t see any comments or that the stats counter feels like its busted.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to fill our pages with fresh contents, there will be days that visitors won’t come and that the comments section will dry up. Although this is a horrific idea for most bloggers, we can certainly learn a thing or two from this if we only take things into perspective. We get to realize that blogging as an art is more than just the number of views we get daily. That as an art, blogging gives us the freedom to talk about anything without having to worry about an audience to please.

Blogging is our free outlet to talk and it should never be stressful nor should we panic if we don’t get to receive visitors. As with everything else, we can always look up to kids to make us feel inspired about how not to make blogging so complicated.

The things going on around them are what usually inspire our kids. They can always go crazy about a certain sport or a hobby, but there will also come a time that they will lose interest with what they’re doing. Without any questions, they look for something else that would entertain them. That should be the way we see blogging.

This doesn’t translate to us completely taking for granted our followers or that we should simply forget about writing. What this means is, we shouldn’t be taking blogging as a chore, rather turn it into a passion where we feel free and unobligated to write. Blogging should become our platform to share a piece of our life story to the world without having to mind the stats counter or our dashboards.

We can always get the appealing layout for our blogs using the best blogging platform. At the end of the day, it is still up to us to continue on writing without feeling the obligation to keep that stats counter running.