Bay Window Curtain Pole

Bay Window Curtain Pole

If any window presents a challenge then it is the bay window curtain pole selection and proper treatment or dressing for the bay window. Bay windows tend to have many sides while some are angled, some are curved others project and jut out more while others project out only a little. Every home has its own unique needs and these openings to the outside world reflect the home of which it forms a big part.

These curved or angled openings provide a much-needed lung space for many homes. They are able to bring a little bit of the outdoors into the home. The window is designed to slightly jut out with angles or is curved. When you look through these you can see more of the outside and you get a wider view of the garden or the outdoor lawns. It give a much uninterrupted view which is not possible for ordinary windows that are flush with the walls. These windows are special as they are large and usually start from the floor. Some can be designed even at the usual level a few feet above the floor.

With arched windows some people would like to create a secluded private space for themselves or their children inside the living room. Still others would like to take advantage of the extra space created by the curved space to make the living room larger or more spacious. Depending of these needs the curtains and bay window curtain pole needs to be chosen.

While creating a private space, the curtain pole needs to just follow the lines of the room and will mostly straight as if the extra space did not exist. But, if the window is an attempt to create more living space then the curtain pole needs to follow the curvature and angles of the bay window. Once the purpose of bay window is decided it is easier to select appropriate window treatment and select the right curtain rods for it.

Till recently bay window curtain poles were not designed to be customized. So, people had to buy flexible poles and bend it to their requirement. Recently, there are more options for them in terms of curtain poles. You can choose from many ready to use models that are easily customizable to your window design.

Bay windows curtain pole is available in a variety of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, flexible plastics and chrome finished brass rods. When buying the poles for your curtains make sure you have the right measurements and dimensions ready. It is easy to place an order online or buy it from an offline store. Depending on your comfort level choose from either option.…

Making Kids Physical Activities Fun Again

Making Kids Physical Activities Fun Again

As I remember it I was a lot more physically active when I was a kid than the youngsters of today are. In summer we rode our bikes like there was no tomorrow and in the winter we used to pretend that our snow racer sleds where actually motorized snowmobiles – using our legs to propel us through waist deep snow.

When we weren’t doing that we where playing soccer, hockey, badminton or tree climbing like funny looking little monkeys.

If memory serves…

Sure, there where computer games back then as well, on the venerable Commodore 64, but nonetheless I think it is fair to say that me and my friends got ourselves quite a daily workout simply from “being kids”.

I have felt for some time now that today seems to be a somewhat different story, and I was beginning to wonder if it is I who am turning into some old fart talking about the “good old days”, or if kids these days indeed are getting lazier, weaker and fatter.

According to the American Heart Association it seems that the latter is, at least to some degree, closer to the truth. According to their fact sheet on children’s need for physical activity:

Children in the United States today are less fit than they were a generation ago. Many are showing early signs of cardiovascular risk factors such as physical inactivity, excess weight, higher blood cholesterol and cigarette smoking.

Inactive children, when compared with active children, weigh more, have higher blood pressure and lower levels of heart-protective high-density lipoproteins (HDL cholesterol).

Even though heart attack and stroke are rare in children, evidence shows that the process leading to those conditions begins in childhood

So I think it is about time that we, and by that I mean us parents, start to do something in order to ensure the future good health of our currently couch potato kids. And I think it is naive to think that the situation could somehow be remedied by having more gym classes scheduled at school.

Making exercise natural and fun

However, in my opinion you do not necessarily need to enroll your kid in a football team or in a ballet class – unless they really want to do that themselves of course. Because after all, not every child is destined to become a professional football player or “Americas next favorite dancer”, and more or less competitive sports aren’t the only way to get more physical exercise anyway.

What you can do will of course depend on the resources available to you, but in my opinion you should try to find something that not only your kid(s) will enjoy, but something that you don’t mind participating in yourself, every now and then.

Whether that is buying a couple of baseball glows to use in the backyard or if you simply have some suitable nearby trees to start climbing in doesn’t really matter – as long as you do something that will tempt your children to turn off that video game for a few hours to go out and play the old fashioned way.…

Household Appliance and Furniture Disposal

Household Appliance and Furniture Disposal

“This Old House” is the appropriate phrase for what lies beneath the shiny exterior of many homes across the country. Although people spend a ton of time keeping their lawn neatly manicured, they often neglect what’s inside (this not only applies to interior design and upkeep, but the actual furniture and appliances that make a major difference in how a home looks and feels)

I’d like to list several standard pieces of furniture and household appliances that often are left neglected in homes; old items that are simply collecting dust and need to be hauled away.

Refrigerator Disposal – The refrigerator is the energy source of your home and family, providing food and drink to power you through the days. There have been a ton of improvements in refrigerator technology over the past several years, from bigger storage spaces to incredible features that notify you when your food is getting old and moldy. It’s probably about time to haul out your old refrigerator and buy a new one to feed your family.

Television Disposal – The good old days of large, boxy television sets are all but said and done. The new generation of TVs are flat, high definition, internet connected, and beautiful to watch. It’s easy enough to bring home a light-weight flat screen TV and mount it on the wall, however, getting rid of that old boxy TV set is quite a task. Not only are old televisions incredibly heavy, but they also provide very little in the way of handholds to carry them out the door.

Couch Disposal – Ah, the old family couch: it’s almost like a part of the family as it absorbs countless hours of sitting and punishment over the years. Even though it’s hard to part with an old couch, getting a new one will give any living room a completely different look and feel. Once again, getting that old couch out and the new one in is harder said than done. Couches often need to be broken into multiple sections before they can be hauled out of the home and to the proper recycling facility.

Mattress Disposal – A mattress might be considered the most important item in your home; after all you do spend nearly a third of your life sleeping on one. After a while, you almost forget that your bed is actually made up of a mattress that’s been around for any number of years. There is a ton of advertising about buying new high-tech mattresses that do anything from helping your back pain to preventing you from spilling your glass of wine. There isn’t nearly as much marketing on how to actually get rid of your old mattress. Hauling out that old clunky mattress can be quite a hassle, especially if you have to fit it into your new two-door convertible.…

Fillmore & Chambers Design Group

Small house plans offer a variety of floor plan choices. Frank Betz Associates has created 1000’s of modern and useful residential designs since 1976, in a complete array of styles and sizes. Eden Brae pleasure ourselves on designing recent trendy new homes. We build homes that make the perfect use of sunshine, space and facet, whereas supplying you with the chance to include your ideas and dreams.

We perceive that homes in the Northwest have totally different necessities than homes in the Southeast, and with this data, we will modify any of our plans to fit your specific wants and give you the very best house plan resolution possible.

Present house plans and home designs to builders and consumers around the country. In case you are someone looking for simple and self-sufficient residing, then this house may very well be it. It was designed across the idea of being run on solar power. Z-Wave 700-Series is a protracted range, low power and future-proof hardware platform with built-in software program tools and constructing blocks enabling a complete new technology of Z-Wave sensor units.

We construct homes for people who know it is more than only a house. With over 6,000 unique plans, we are positive to have blueprints for a house that match what you’re searching for. FAQs, a walk through the method, pictures of past projects, pattern flooring plans.

Blueprints are the important building block for creating and designing any kind of home. The Life-style Home Design Series are award profitable stylish, contemporary designs very best for open plan dwelling. Design Studio offers quality custom and stock house plans with an emphasis in your individual wants!

Curtain Poles – Essential Window Dressing and Accessories

Curtain Poles – Essential Window Dressing and Accessories

Curtain poles are important; there is no getting away from that fact. Your home just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Think about it, what do you like to do when you get home after a hard day at work? Well if you are anything like me, especially on dark, cold, winter nights, you like to get home, put the kettle on, and while it’s boiling, maybe you put the heating on (or crank it up), turn some lights on and then draw all the curtains around the house.

Then finally after all the hustle and bustle of the day, where perhaps you have had to deal with other people all day long, you kick your shoes off, grab your well earned cup of tea or coffee and hit the sofa, knowing that when you closed the curtains, you locked the world outside, even if it’s just for a little while and you feel safe, secure and private.

Before you even reach those levels of comfort and privacy though, we have to get right back to the curtain poles, for, had they not been in position when you got home, then it is highly likely that drawing the curtain closed wouldn’t have been an option and when you put the lights on, the whole neighbourhood would see the interior of your home. Yes, curtain poles are that significant. A curtain is just a piece of pretty looking fabric without the curtain pole.

A little bit of thought needs to go into your curtain pole choice, especially if you are particularly new to the world of home dressing and DIY. Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, therefore so do the curtain poles. It’s quite possible that in your home alone there are many different shaped windows which automatically rules out buying a job lot of uniform curtain rails, because you will find that some just won’t be the right size for your project!

Once you have the size or length issue sorted you then need to consider texture and colour, choosing something that is going to be complimentary to the rest of your plans for each and every room.

There are plenty of stores and emporiums that will be willing to help you find the right thing for your home and when all the decisions have been made and the work completed, perhaps next time you get home from work and close your brand new curtains, you will remember how important your curtain poles choices were!…

Your Grandma Had the Right Idea – Protect Your Furniture With Couch Covers

Your Grandma Had the Right Idea – Protect Your Furniture With Couch Covers

The purchase of a new sofa, couch or loveseat combination is a major investment for most of us. We want to take every step we can to make sure that our new furniture lasts for many years. You can provide years of life for your furniture by simply considering your Grandma’s advice and covering some of your pieces

There is more variety available in couch cover fabrics, materials and patterns than one can easily imagine. If you want your loveseat or sofa or even wing-back chair to have the look of velvet upholstery, you can simply buy velvet-like couch covers and presto, you have the look. Conversely in the spring and summer you might want to venture into lighter fabrics and brighter colors to provide seasonal changes in the look of your furnishings while protecting your new investment as well.

You probably bought your new sofa or loveseat primarily because of the fabric, the color, pattern and its feel. You may hate the thought of covering it up, so consider what your Grandma did and investigate the good old-fashioned plastic couch cover. These covers, while not extremely comfortable, can really extend the life of furniture that is not used for daily living, like that in a little-used living or dining room. When company arrives, take the covers off and your sofas are fresh and clean.

In the past, those who have a sectional sofa were hard-pressed when it came to finding slipcovers that would fit properly. Now that sectionals have grown in popularity, covers are being are being made for these types of furniture as well. You can find these in hundreds of patterns and colors and you can even order the plastic covers for sectionals too.

If you want to keep your furniture looking new, one of the best ways to do that is to invest in furniture covers that will keep them protected. You can find many patterns, materials and sizes that will give you some décor diversity, while still protecting your major furniture investment.…

Everyone Is Good At Something – How to Find What You Are Good At

Everyone Is Good At Something – How to Find What You Are Good At

Many people today face two problems. One group is always complaining about not having enough time to get things done, and the other group is complaining about always being bored at home. When people ask: “What to do when bored at home?” There are many solutions like gaining a new hobby, self-improvement, and games when you find yourself bored at home. Today we will be focusing on all of this area to give you some ideas to get you thinking about these areas and what will work for you.

One of the best ways to stop your boredom at home is to take up a new hobby. You have to find something that you are passionate about and get lost in it. When you have passion in a hobby you will find that you don’t have enough time to do your hobby. Boredom will no longer be a problem. Go online and do some research on a couple hobbies that interest you. Once you have found one that you would like to try stick to it and have fun. Hobbies are a great way to defeat boredom at home.

Another great way to deal with boredom at home is to find a fun and exciting game. From video games, card games, bored games, and activities outside the possibilities are endless. If you would like to find a game to try the best way to find one is to ask a friend what kind of games they are interested in. Get a list of all the games that your friends have recommended and find out what equipment one might need to play, and the rules one must know to play. You can also do searches on Google for gaming forums where you can find people on online. Once you find a game that interests you begin to play with friends, family or even co-workers. Time and your boredom will vanish when you find yourself playing and entertaining game.

Finally, the best way to deal with boredom at home is to do some to better yourself. You could try to start an exercise regiment, read some self-help material, or try to further your education. When you feel like you have all this time why not do something that could be considered beneficial. To start running, there is a great app on the iPhone “couch to 5k”. It gets you out and run three times a week at a very light pace and in 9 weeks you will be running 5k.

If you follow this advice you fill it hard to become bored at home again…