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Television Isn’t Your Child’s Babysitter

Television Isn’t Your Child’s Babysitter

In our busy day, our children are often the ones that seem to be an after thought when not having to drive them here or drop them off there. Many ambitious individuals work long hours far and above the 9 to 5 grind a majority of people work. Quite often children are sat in front of the television so as not to distract parents from doing all the other life’s duties that fill a day. But do you really know what they’re watching?

On television everyday is getting more risqu?�. The language of television is far too mature and there is too much violence. Sex is forever prevalent. Even the cartoon network has content that would shock most concerned parents. Especially if your child is old enough to stay up after 9 pm. Parents must do a better job of paying attention to what their children are watching and take more control over what they see. You’d be surprised what they learn from the television.

Get them off the darn couch and get them outside. As the options for children increase for them to be in front of a T.V. or a monitor, they become less active, and lazier. T.V. bombards them with images and information and they soon may develop attention deficit syndrome and have problems concentrating in school. Make time for them. As you schedule everything else in your life set time aside specifically just for them. They need your guidance. Read a book with them. Involve them in your interests. Take them outside and be active. Throw the ball around, go for a swim. Anything but leave them in front of the TV or with a video game. Children were much healthier 30 years ago because they were much more active.

We like to believe we influence our children’s state of mind. But leaving them to television and video games has a detrimental effect on their ability to concentrate, their ambition, and their overall physical health. Many will make time for the gym but rely completely on the physical exercise the schools provide. Often that is not enough as the curriculum has been changed to accommodate some children’s inability to perform physical activities that have been staples of physical education for generations.

Remember, if you lead they will follow. Make your children important to you and they will most likely stay out of trouble, be more obedient, and be more industrious with their time. They are our future. Invest in them wisely.

Elliot Zovighian is the owner of EZLifestyles and is a personal coach, writer, speaker and father from Toronto Canada who is committed to helping those live easier, happier lives.