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Sew Your Way Into a New Couch

Sew Your Way Into a New Couch

Is your house suffering from that same old couch you are living in? Do you feel like you need a change or an upbeat perhaps? Do you also feel that you want so many things but you cannot really afford to remodel your home or even something as simple as a chair? Then you might want to hear about couch slip covers. These are fabrics used to cover up your old, dusty and drab looking sofas without having to spend too much money.

These seat cover ups have many styles, designs, colors and sizes so you can choose from any of the varieties. However, if you are really on a tight budget and you cannot afford to spend $200 on ready made seat cover ups then you can make it your own.

You can make it unique and truly yours by following the steps below:

Before you buy your materials and get into action, look around your room first. Ask yourself which one needs a little update? Which one needs to look like new again? You can choose from the entire sofa, the pillows or just the cushion. It is all up to you.

Pick the pattern that you would want for your couch slip covers. Make sure that it will match the whole feel of the room or the vibe that you want to exude. Make sure also that the fabric will match the feel of the room.

When picking the pattern for your chairs, do not get overwhelmed too much. Do not panic buy or hoard. Just decide on one pattern. You can try mixing and matching patterns although it is recommended for you to have crazy patterns for the pillow rather than the sofa itself. Having a crazy pattern in the sofa might distract the guests and you too may be a little overwhelmed by it. Unless you have a minimalist design all over your house and would want the sofa pattern to be the focal point of the room. If not, make it simple then make the pillows crazy.

After all the considerations with the design, you can now sew your way to a new couch.