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Natural and Effective Mosquito Repellants That You Can Use In Your Home

Sometimes we ignore mosquitoes just because they are small parasites or we have a perception that we can quickly get the cure for malaria. This ignorance can lead to severe disasters as witnessed around the world where thousands of people are dying due to mosquito related illness. In the United States alone, more than 1,000 people are either diagnosed or die from serious illnesses per year, which result from mosquito bites. That number alone should scare you enough to formulate and find products that will repel mosquito from your home compound.

1.Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

There is no doubt that you have read somewhere that eucalyptus oil plays a significant role in repelling mosquitoes and other parasites from your home compound. Mosquito oils take a large proportion of the ingredients found in artificial mosquito repellents. You need to mix it with sunflower oils after which you can spray your compound and mosquito breeding sites.


This is an essential oil that is made by a mixture of several herbs and is highly proffered due to its natural and organic aspects. This essential oil is an ingredient in most of the mosquito repellent products that you will be buying in the stores. Citronella is known to offer protection for up to 50% more than most of the other products.

  1. Neem Oil

Although neem oil does not have a high reputation in the market for its repellent effectiveness, it is still one of the products that will offer more than 70% mosquito protection for more than three hours. It is a natural alternative to most of the artificial products that have a terrible odor. However, you will still need to combine neen oil with another repellent for maximum protection.


Another natural mosquito repellent product that you can quickly get from the market. Geraniol is an alcoholic product that is easily extracted from various plants such as rose and lemongrass. It is a very effective mosquito repellent only that it can cause skin irritation in case of contact. All you need is to put it in cans and place them on breeding sites or close to where you will be sleeping.

5.Tea Tree Oil

Besides being known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, research studies have proven that tea tree oil is an effective mosquito and other insect repellent. The product, tea tree oil, is currently being used in Australia as a mosquito repellent. It is useful in repelling biting midges, bush flies, and mosquitoes.

Natural repellents might not be very effective in repelling mosquitoes. However, with the use of professional services, you will get experts who will spray your home efficiently and effectively leaving no traces of smell and harmful chemicals. You can visit where your home compound, house, and other areas will be sprayed twice a week to get rid of mosquito on a permanent basis.