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Make the Most of Your Small Studio Apartment With a Bean Bag Couch

Make the Most of Your Small Studio Apartment With a Bean Bag Couch

If you are moving into a tiny studio apartment and desperately trying to figure out how to squeeze both a couch and a bed in it, you are not the first person to encounter this problem. This is especially true if you live in a place like New York City where even someone with a good paying job can’t afford something much bigger than a matchbox in Manhattan. Well, rather than try to cram too much furniture in a small space or buy a futon that you will have to unfold constantly, you should consider a bean bag couch instead.

Are They Really Practical?

When most people think of furniture with beans, they instantly picture kid bean bag chairs. However, this furniture has come a long way in recent years and is now considered one of the hippest trends in decorating.

If you had a futon, you would have to unfold it at night and move the coffee table in front of it, just to put it back in the morning. Plus, unless you intend on spending a substantial amount of money, you will probably find that it is tough to find one that won’t give you a backache. Not to mention, it will break down with use and you will end up replacing it in a couple of years. A bean bag couch is a far more practical solution for quite a few reasons, such as:

Always Ready – You don’t have to move tables or unfold anything when you are ready to go to sleep on a bean bag couch. Simply grab a blanket and crash. Plus, you don’t have a bed to make in the morning. What could possibly be better than that?

Comfortable – You won’t find a more comfortable piece of furniture to sleep on than a bean bag couch. The beans spread out as you sink down to cradle every inch of your body in comfort. As you move, the beans move, so you will never find an awkward spot. There are sofas that are more than roomy enough for two people or you and your four-legged friend to get comfy on!

Stylish – A bean bag couch is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you will find. It can easily adapt to any environment. So, whether your space is simplistic, modern or retro, or has no theme at all, it will look spectacular. Plus, since they have rounded edges, they will provide a nice balance to all the sharp edges you have from appliances, electronics, tables, shelving and rugs.