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Important Differences Between a Bean Bag Couch and a Bean Bag Lounger You Need to Know Before Buying

Important Differences Between a Bean Bag Couch and a Bean Bag Lounger You Need to Know Before Buying

This article is designed to inform you of the important Difference between a Bean Bag Couch and A Bean Bag Lounger. The major difference is in the overall dimensions of the 2 different pieces of Bean Bag Furniture. This is important to you because it depends on what and where you want to use your Couch or Lounger. Below is interesting details that will help you make the right decision for your home, or your office. When Buying a Bean Bag Couch today most Companies offer these in a round shape. When purchasing a Bean Bag Lounger these tend to be Cigar shaped and are more adaptable to a small room or placing this Furniture next to a wall or in a corner of a room. Below are dimensions of a 6 foot Couch and a 6 foot Lounger to point out the overall difference. I have used a supplier that sells both a Couch and Loungers for the details of the dimensions. These dimensions clearly define the difference between the 2 types of furniture. When checking out the supplier you decide on, make sure they have these details so you have all the information you need.

6 Foot Couch dimensions are – 72 inches by 72 inches x 34 inches high. With a gross weight of 75 pounds.

6 Foot Lounger – 72 inches by 48 inches by 34 inches high. With a gross weight of 70 pounds.

As you can see there is a large difference in the width of the Couch compared to the Lounger. The Lounger gives you an additional 24 inches of space and if you have a small room or a lot of other furniture, which can really makes a difference. Many of the companies only offer a Round Couch so it is important you check out to see if you need a Lounger.. If anyone is shopping for a college dorm room I would suggest a Bean Bag Lounger over a Bean Bag Couch for this very reason. What is great about both the Couch and the Lounger is they will brighten up every room in you house. Kids and Grown ups both love the comfort of the Furniture. In closing, I hope this information will help you when making your selection. Bean Bag Furniture can be very enjoyable but like everything else it is important to know as many details as possible. Remember that you can go on line and get free software that will allow you to play architect. You can search for programs under the keyword floor plan or floor planner and there are may free sites that you have to choice from. Have fun with it and move your furniture around before you start lifting and pulling everything from one side of the room to the other.