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How to Bring New Life to a Tired Looking Fireplace

Many potential homeowners seek a fireplace as a “must have” item in their new home. The design or age of the unit may not be appealing. The good news is – fireplaces can be remodeled to fit your design preference and personal style. A few ideas to bringing new life to a tired looking fireplace are offered below.

Create a New Hearth

Fireplaces that do have a hearth are easy to update. While it is ideal to keep it the same design as the rest of the piece, it doesn’t have to be. Consider a large tile that is a solid color. Patterns on the hearth can make the fireplace a distraction instead of the focal point of the room.

If the fireplace doesn’t have a hearth, you can easily add one. It can bring personality and flare to the design. The hearth can also be a good place to take photos on a special occasion.

Decorative Safety

Keeping children and pets away from the fireplace isn’t always an easy task. The fireplace screen doesn’t have to be generic or out of touch with the rest of the design. You can opt for a decorative fire screen instead. This option adds to the design and still allows you to view the fire from the outside.

Also consider containing your fireplace maintenance tools with a container that matches the style or material of the screen. Maintaining the design or style throughout both pieces will help the overall look be cohesive. The maintenance tools should also be kept away from children as they can be heavy or have pointed ends.

Refresh the Exterior

The exterior of the main portion of the fireplace is an easy fix. It is best to use tile that tolerates heat well. Stacked stone is another option that also adds texture to the space. Smoother tile options are more contemporary and modern in design.

If you choose a patterned or mosaic type of tile, make sure it complements the space and doesn’t take away from the overall design. Some tile designs can be too bold. A few tiles with bold design could act as an accent or band in the design, but may be too much to be the design themselves.

Closing Thoughts

The fireplace doesn’t have to be the eyesore in the room. It can be a focal point, a conversation piece and a space enhancer. Have a clear vision in mind and grab a few samples of tiles or coverings before ordering the materials.