Having a New Home Built

One of the most exciting things you can do is have a home built to your specifications. A new home is a great way for you to design the type of house you want to live in. Finding new homes Gluckstadt MS is easy if you check the internet. There you will find many new home builders in that area. They each have websites where you can look at the types of homes they have available and choose the one that has the design you are looking for. Real estate agents located throughout the state have listings of all the builders in the area you have land in and can provide references for them. After having met with you and found out what you need, they will be able to provide the right one for you.

Working with the Building Company

Most companies will have a set number of model homes that they can build. You can look at these designs and choose one as it is, or, you can choose one and make changes to it. A good company will be able to make as many changes to the layout as you want if it does not impede the integrity of the building. Structural changes will need to go through an architect prior to being approved by the builder. But, they will more or less do whatever you want. Changes may increase or decrease the price of the home depending on what it is.

How Long it Takes to Build a Home

Once you and your builder have come to terms on the design and price of the home, they will begin work. In the beginning, they should be able to tell you an approximate date of completion for the project. Some homes have been built in as little time as two months while others have taken half a year to build. It all depends on the design and size of the house. Another factor may be inspections made by the town you are living in and if there are any problems. This is adding to your timeline.

The New Home Warranty

All homes come with a warranty. This typically includes the building itself and not any of the appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners. Those are warrantied by the manufacturer and if there is a problem with them, you need to contact that company. Your builder guarantees his work and any problems with that. If you find that after several months you have a crack in a wall, contact the builder for repairs. Before you have signed off on the work when it was done, you should have put together a punch list of items that are needed to be done.

Each builder has their own way of doing things and it is important to find the one who works best for you. Real estate offices will generally help you work with a number of builders for your home. Contact an office for more information.