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Greyhound Rescue

Greyhound Rescue

Save the Greyhounds

Retired racing greyhounds make the most amazing companion dogs one can imagine. They adapt to the “couch potato” life very quickly and are pretty easy to train. They love having a job, i.e., teach them to do some tricks — for treats if they are food motivated. A simple sit, down, bow, stand, roll over. Once your greyhound gets the hang of that, he may persist in making this an every-day ritual by barking incessantly until you give in and provide him with the one-on-one attention he wants. (No, greyhounds do not normally bark very much. But once they learn to manipulate you, look out!) They really are not very demanding. Overall, they are very low maintenance, easy keepers.

Greyhounds also do very well as therapy dogs. They enjoy human companionship a lot and do not really need very much in the way of training for this kind of activity. They do need to be certified but that, too, is easy. Just check with your local hospice group to get the information you might need to get your pup certified. Greyhounds are a good height for people in wheelchairs to pet, and also the bed-ridden patients. Convalescing patients and the elderly enjoy the pet visits. Medical reports have for a long time pointed out the calming effects of animals with patients, by lowering blood pressure and respiration.

It seems that these elegant creatures frequently prefer people to other canines. When someone starts petting my guy, or giving him ‘scratches’ behind his ears, he looks like he’s in heaven. The nose goes up into the air and the eyes almost close as he enjoys the affection. He will lean against that person or lay his head in their lap. They are pretty cuddly too. But they do well with children and other pets. Most greyhound rescue groups state on their websites which greyhounds are cat-friendly and/or small dog friendly.

You will not regret taking such a loving, affectionate dog into your heart, your home, and your family, whether you adopt one or several.

Adopt a retired racing greyhound and you will have a fast friend for life!