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Four Ways To Use Reclaimed T-Shirt Rags

Using reclaimed rags is a smart way to give those old T shirts a new life. The rags are made out of recycled materials, which is great for the environment. You are sure to find a use for the rags around your house or at work. Here are four ways to use reclaimed T shirt rags.

In Your Garage

Whether you are a professional mechanic or fixing up your own car, you are going to be working with a lot of dirt, oil and grease. Use the rags to wipe your hands when they become too filthy. If you end up spilling oil or another product, the rags are absorbent enough to wipe up the mess.

Working In The Yard

Getting your hands dirty when working in the yard is inevitable. You may be wiping down your porch or outdoor accessories, or maybe you are spreading mulch around the yard or working in your garden. Use the reclaimed T shirt rags to wipe your hands and arms as needed.

Store In Your Car

You never know when you are going to need to change a tire or work under the hood of your car during an outing. The rags are great for touching hot elements or wiping your hands. You can also use the rags to clean a beverage spill in your car. It is best to store the rags in your car so you are always prepared for a mess.

Around The House or Office

You cannot avoid getting dirty when you are giving your home or office a good scrubbing. The reclaimed T shirt rags come in handy for wiping the dust, dirt or grime off your hands. You can also use the rags to clean certain elements or surfaces in your space.

There are many online retailers that carry reclaimed T shirt rags. The rags come in a variety of colors and designs to fit your style. If you are looking for an effective cleaning solution for your green lifestyle, you are sure to enjoy using the reclaimed rags in your home, car or workplace.