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Five features of a commercial display freezer

Good quality fridge freezers will transform the shopping experience for everyone. The way you showcase your wares makes all the difference and the easier it is to view what is on offer, the more you will sell. It’s as simple as that.

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Keep it bright

Commercial fridge freezers need to be well lit. Customers need to be able to see items easily. How the contents of the freezer have been laid out is important too. Packaging is almost an art form and companies spend small fortunes making their product presentation just right. Lighting inside the freezer needs to be subtle, even and bright. This will make the contents seem new and fresh

Energy efficient

Freezers are increasingly energy efficient. Not only do new commercial freezers look good, but they are much cheaper to run than they used to be. Great advances have been made in thermal glazing, for example, and door seals have improved too.


Ice build-up used to be the enemy of old freezers which would have to be turned off regularly for cleaning and defrosting. Modern freezers have an automatic defrost function. In addition, newer units will reach the optimum temperature quickly. This is important in a busy store where customers are opening and closing the fridges regularly. Self-closing doors and good door gaskets are essential too. Keep an eye on what to freeze and what not to.

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One good tip if you are opening a new store or buying new equipment is to have a good look at the different freezers on offer, such as

A counter top version needs to be easy to open and not too deep, so you don’t feel you need to qualify as a deep-sea diver before you can reach the contents. Locating a counter-top at the check-out is a well-tested strategy.


Nothing is smarter than row upon row of brightly lit, gleaming commercial freezers full of well packaged merchandise, making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable for people of all ages, including the kids. Triple pane thermal glass has made a huge difference by helping to keep freezers at the perfect temperature. Well-designed multi-door units will have well-spaced shelves, all of which you can reach with ease, so you won’t need to ask for help or bring your own ladder!