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Fighting Odors in Your Home

Even the tidiest homeowners can struggle with odors and musty smells. Beloved pets, humid areas and older houses can all cause an unpleasant stench that lingers in your home. While essential oils and home fragrances may help, they only cover up the problem and can cause irritation for those with sensitive noses. Even if they provide some relief, they aren’t a long-term solution. If you truly want to combat odor in your home, follow these steps for a fresher smell that lasts.

Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Your floors catch all of the dirt, dust and debris that settles in your home. While regular vacuuming can remove what’s on the surface, the fibers in your carpet and rugs can trap odor-causing moisture and bacteria deep down. Schedule a steam carpet cleaning houston to thoroughly clean these areas and help eliminate one of the biggest sources of musty smells in your house.

Circulate Fresh Air

Stagnant air can make any room smell stale. Opening windows or doors can circulate fresh air without spending any extra energy. Just be sure to open more than one to give the air a clear pathway to move through the room. If it’s too warm or chilly to open a window, using ceiling or pedestal fans can keep things moving without sacrificing a comfortable temperature. You can also use a dehumidifier to pull extra moisture out of the air to help with unpleasant odors.

Use Products That Absorb Odors

While some products only mask strong smells, others are designed to absorb them. Reusable charcoal bags are a natural and energy efficient way to pull unwanted smells from your home. They usually make a noticeable difference in less than 48 hours and last for months. When they start to lose their effectiveness, simply set them in the hot sun for a few hours to recharge them.

Eliminating the residue, bacteria and moisture that cause odors in your home can give you a fresh-smelling environment for you and your family to enjoy. These small and simple actions can make a big difference in fighting odors in your home.